Thursday, December 27, 2007

Come and Gone

Well, Christmas has been here again, and now is gone for another year. This year was wonderful, even with tons of running around. I think everyone I came across seemed to enjoy this Christmas as well. I am proud to say, that despite all of my fun hormonal quirks lately, I did not cry on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This is a big step for me because these holidays tend to bring out memories and good times from the past as well as guilt, stress, interesting conversations with family members who we don't see often that can make a frail mind revert back childhood (laughter and temper tantrums).
All in all, I'd say gifts, meals, conversations and visits with family and friends were wonderful.
For those of you we did not see, you were in our thoughts.
We love you all and will see you soon!
If only we could make this time of year stretch all year. Here's hoping the new year brings good things and granted wishes for us all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How adorable are they?!

I love the mail right now! There don't seem to be too many bills, which is nice. But that's not it. It's the BEAUTIFUL Christmas cards and photos we are getting daily. Mike and I have a fun tradition of posting them on our tree (note to friends and family, if you send a card and/or pictures/ you are displayed for all to see, so be forewarned).

Last night, we received several cards, one of which came from Kiki and John, our cousins, and their two beautiful, entertaining, smart, funny, sweet, loving (I could go on and on) little ones, Emmett and Erin. We miss them so much. We all agree that we live too far from one another. Last Christmas we were blessed to have the Chambers family visit us, but this year we will not be together (sigh). Below are some pictures of Emmett and Erin. Erin is our God Daughter and Emmett is Dave's God Son. WE MISS YOU GUYS AND LOVE YOU!

How cute are these kids?! Kiki has her own photography studio (, so of course the photo quality is perfect- but these two were flawless to begin with :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Cheer

Saturday night Mike, Gretch and I trecked through the snow, to the train, to the cab, to the bar, to Valerie and Russel's for what was a WONDERFUL (and somewhat blurry at this point) Christmas party.
Lindsey put it best in her text yesterday morning "I don't know about you, but I was definately over served).
Martinis, egg nog shooters and other shots were consumed in mass quantities. The weather was very Christmasy as well. The snow came down steadily but didn't stop most of us from making it out.
Thanks for having us Valerie. If someone will email me some pics, I will post them.

Oh, by the way, the night ended with a nice, long, pricey cab ride back to our house with Gretch, Toni and Jeff where somehow Toni and I made the worst nachos in history and the guys bought Taco Bell. We wanted pizza but everything was closed since it was 330am. I know, I know- 330 is insanity but we didn't realize we weren't in college anymore at the time. Let me tell you that my body reminded me over and over again yesterday! I felt like I had been hit by a bus.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tales of Pregnancy

So last night we had dinner with some of Mike's co-workers and their wives, all of whom happen to be fellow PTown residents. Darcy, one of the wives, is currently pregnant. She has recently started to show and was telling us the funny ways people approach her now that it is becoming apparent that she is expecting.
Working with mostly men, she has had some unusual experiences. I just want to share my 2 favorites.
As Darcy stood in the hall of her office one day, a male co-worker walked up to her and just stood there for a minute. He didn't say anything at first, just stood there and stared at the top of her head. Then without looking at her face, still staring at her hair, he said "Darcy, your pregnant!?".
To this she replied "Well, yes. Yes I am. What is it? Could you tell by my hair or something?" as she was trying to figure out what the heck he was staring at.
"No, you have a glow around your head", was his response. He kinda chuckled nervously and then, still without making eye contact, he turned and walked away.
Darcy of course was baffled. The best part is that since then, he has been avoiding her.

Another male co-worker approached her earlier this week and said, looking from her face to her tummy, and back, (which is a funny reminder of how things change. Usually a man would be staring at things other than your tummy) "so Darcy, what's new?". She thought she'd have some fun with him and just said some things about prepping for the holidays and a big work meeting. Again he said, "really, what's new?" Again, she played it coy and avoided his true intended topic, until he asked a third time. "Yes, she said, I'm pregnant".
His response- "I knew it, those ARE maternity clothes. My wife wore them when she was pregnant but she has me trained (he actually said trained) to never say anything to a woman about this stuff but I just knew those were maternity clothes." He then walked away smiling, apparently satisfied with his observations.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cookies and Babies

So Sunday was the second annual (even though a year was skipped) cookie exchange. And yes, it will be an annual event until we are all too old and gray to meet. Many cookies and snacks were consumed by those in attendance. Some even messed up decoration on their sugar cookies so they had to be eaten on the spot.
Everyone brought cookies to exchange and then we sat down to decorate pre-made sugar cookies in a fierce competition. Corrine's little one, Noah, was glad to help out with decorations.
The Most Perverted Cookie of the Year went to Gretchen Grattaand the Best Decorated went to Mandy St. Leger.
Winning Best Decorated Cookie of the Year wasn't the only excitement surrounding Mandy. ANNOUNCEMENT: Mr. and Mrs. St. Leger are EXPECTING their first. Baby St. Leger is scheduled to make it's appearance in July of 2008. Congratulations!!

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Here we go.
Today is the beginning of a new era for me. I am boldly going where I never thought I would... BLOGGING!
I am taking a page out of Jess, Tere, Mandy C. and Mandy S.'s book and trying my hand at this.
I've been building this page for a few weeks now, but I have to say that it's been a slow go because I don't know the first thing about doing this. Needless to say, I've been taking my time hitting every help button and menu on my way.

Where to begin, hmmm?
It is the middle of December, and a very cold and icy December at that. I am excited to report that after months of fertilty treatments, drugs, shots, ultra-sounds, and side-effects (oh, the joy of side-effects- blowing up like a balloon, crying jags, fluid build-up in my abdomen and lungs, acne, cramps, fatigue... but I digress) we have been harvested and frozen. Now it is just a waiting game.

I should probably back up and explain. A little over a year ago we found that my body wasn't quite willing to do it's job when it came to making little Stanczaks. After a few months of fertility treatments, the doctors concluded that In-vitro was our best bet.
The process involved several shots a day (given by my loving hubby, or some other willing pawn when he was out of town), pills galore and many ultrasounds.
On the day before Thanksgiving we were harvested. What an appropriate time to harvest, right? Anyways, I was told I was the chicken of the day. Being that I have poly-cystic ovaries, I produced way too many eggs - 41 were harvested to be exact. There were actually more in there, but they were not quite large enough. Once harvested, they were combined with Mike's swimmers and we learned 2 days later that 34 fertilized and 31 were growing at the correct rate or better.
The problem was going back for implantation. Being that I'm rather short (okay, really short) and don't have the largest abdomen, my body was WAY overstimulated. With fluid building up and my ovaries the size of grapefruits it was too dangerous to me and the embryo to implant right away.
The decision was made freeze some embryos until my body was recovered.
January is now the month for lift-off. The top 7 embryos are frozen and waiting. After the first of the year, which lets my body rest, we'll begin a series of patches and daily shots (really, the shots aren't bad, I swear) and then we will go in for implantation. Fingers crossed. I know it will be worth it in the end.