Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Little Control Freak

Mike and I laugh that we are pretty controlling people. We like to be the one in charge. Well, apparently our little daughter is following in our footsteps.

That's right people, our little control freak is already trying to hold her bottle. (I know it's just a fluke because she is just finding her hands, but we thought it was hysterical that she grabbed a hold of her bottle that way. It looks like she is already taking charge of her feedings).

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Peyton's First Christmas

We had a Wonderful Christmas. Between Aunt Mimi's house Christmas Eve, breakfast at our house with Mike's side of the family Christmas morning and the afternoon with my side, we -and Peyton- were thoroughly spoiled!
I am typing this on my new laptop- I am only bragging about it because I can now upload my pictures about 10 million times faster than before- and I don't have to be down in the office away from Peyton to do it.
Peyton received TONS of toys, clothes, headbands, bows, rattles, and blankets. She loved looking at the Christmas tree and just having her with us made the whole holiday the best ever.
Here are some pics. Um, I LOVED her Christmas tights- they had the cutest ruffle on the butt. She is going to be so annoyed with me when she's older. I have so many pictures of her little behind and then all of the adorable pictures Kiki took with her for her announcement.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas as well!

We had a Wonderful Christmas. Between Aunt Mimi's house Christmas Eve, breakfast at our house with Mike's side of the family Christmas morning and the afternoon with my side, we -and Peyton- were thoroughly spoiled!
I am typing this on my new laptop- I am only bragging about it because I can now upload my pictures about 10 million times faster than before- and I don't have to be down in the office away from Peyton to do it.
Peyton received TONS of toys, clothes, headbands, bows, rattles, and blankets. She loved looking at the Christmas tree and just having her with us made the whole holiday the best ever.
Here are some pics.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas as well!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

And he loves you, too, Peyton

Here's just a few random pics of Mike and I with Peyton. Notice the "orbs" in the pic with Mike. We looked at them and decided that they were her guardian angels, his mom and Chris.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Congratulations and random info

CONGRATULATIONS to Kristi and Corey Fasetti on the birth of their little boy
Jaden Sebasitian Fasetti, born on Friday, December 12th. 7lb 13oz.

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Teresa and Brian Gormsen. They found out yesterday that they are expecting a little baby girl this time around! Look out world!

I don't have much else to share. We did have a really nice weekend. Buzz and Kelly had a bunch of us- and our kids- over. It was chaos in the best way possible. Luke, Elliott and Meghan chasing eachother and making crafts, Peyton, Addison and Isabel being passed around, fussing, smiling. 2 dogs stealing food off the tables. It was great.

Thanks for having us!
On Saturday Jill, Rocky and Jacob came by to hang out. We had a nice visit and Peyton and Jacob were good babies- going to bed when they should.
My brain is empty so I'll just stop there and share 2 pics of the princess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guess who is a big girl?!...

That's right!
Little Miss Peyton Priscilla Stanczak SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night!!!
Here are the stats.
She ate at 9pm. Fell asleep at about 945.
I woke up at 330 because my chest hurt- if you nurse, you know what I mean.
So I went downstairs to pump figuring I'd give her a bottle if she woke up, cuz that's what we do in the night so she sleeps longer.
I checked her video monitor- sound asleep.
So I went back to bed.
Mike woke up for work- she was still asleep.
She woke me up at 815!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to the Campbells!!

Brian, Jessica and little Miss Elliott Campbell are expecting a new addition! If you didn't see, check Jess's blog- A New Generation of Cambells- to see Elliott and her cute shirt spreading the news.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Some times a picture says it all :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 Months!

My little Peyton,

You are two months old now! You actually were yesterday, but I wanted to wait until your doctor's appointment today to write you this letter. Now I can tell you how much you have grown. You are 9lbs, 11oz and almost 23 inches long!
You are amazing! I can't even believe it. You grow every day and you never cease to amaze me. I love to watch you kick and dance your little legs around. You smile all the time and make the sweetest noises.
Your father and I are so proud of you. We were just at my 10 year high school reunion and you were the only thing we wanted to talk about. I can't believe how much things have changed. I worry so little about myself and constantly think about what you need and want.I am so proud of you and I hope that one day you will be proud of your daddy and me as well.
Today at your doctor's appointment I wanted to take the shots for you, but you were such a big girl. You wailed with you strong little lungs for a minute or two, but then you calmed right down and even smiled for your Daddy and I before we left the doctor's office. Dr. Feldman laughed as you talked to her in your little goos and gahs.
It's December already and I am looking forward to this Christmas for you even though you won't fully understand it, yet. You do love the Christmas tree already, though. You stare at the lights for ever and ever. You even coo at it and reach out to the lower branches. You are sure to be spoiled by all of the people around you. Everyone is calling asking for gift ideas for you.
I wonder what goes on in your little mind. I can't wait until one day you can tell me- although I hope that day doesn't come too soon- I don't want you to grow up too fast.
Your grandparents on both sides are completely under your spell as well. They adore you.
Grandma comes over and plays with you on Mondays and is always buying you cute little outfits. Grandpa can't take his eyes off of you and just smiles whenever you are near.
Nana and Papa watched you over night for the first time this past weekend and they very nearly tried to keep you for good. They had such a good time playing with you and taking care of you.
You are the joy of all of our lives. Thank you for being our little girl. You are my everything.
I love you with all of my heart.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Peyton caught on video

I did it folks. I figured out how to record on our camera! So, here is my first effort.
Yes, I know, I sound COMPLETELY annoying- jabbering in baby talk and all that mushy stuff, but that's what our little one likes. So please ignore my gooing, it's not entertaining to anyone who doesn't wear a diaper.
Peyton is growing so fast. She's enjoying making faces and noises. If you stick your tongue out or make a kissy face with your lips, she will mimic you and she'll also mimic sounds. Goo is her first one. Yes, I know, most baby's say goo, but if you say it to her she says it right back.
Thanks Jill, for the ideas and tips (she's the one who got me started on the faces and cooing)- it's so amazing to see her respond! So, without any more delay, here is Peyton in her premiere video- gooing, dancing and smiling!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day and my 10 year reunion

This week has been a little hectic with Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season.

Thanksgiving itself was WONDERFUL! I was a bit nervous about how it would go, just being or first true holiday with the Peanut, but everything went really smoothly Mike and I even got to eat with everyone else.
Mike's dad and Donna hosted dinner for us, my parents and sister, Dave, Laura and Laura's family. It was nice to have everyone together.
Peyton had great time- as you can see in the pic of her eating turkey- not really, we just decided to make it look like she was. The best part was when she started to cry and I happened to snap this shot which makes it look like she is about to dive in.
I also threw in a random pic of Peyton and Bailey snuggling.

After Thanksgiving was over, we had my 10 year reunion to look forward to on Saturday. It was definately a bit odd seeing some of those people, and I had forgotten alot of names, but it was still fun. I was such a mom, showing pictures of Peyton to anyone who came near me.
Lots of cocktails were had. It was fun catching up with people and seeing who was still in the area, who was married, who has kids, who works where. We didn't last as long as some people. Linds, Greg, Mike and I went back to the hotel at about 115 or so and had pizza. Gretch, Valerie, Sarah, Toni and some of the guys went into Libertyville to meet up with a bunch of people. I imagine they were out until about 5 or so. I can't get Gretch to answer her phone which tells me she is still recovering.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Entry

I don't seem to be very creative lately so I apologize. I seem to be lucky to have on two of the same shoes.
I fell down the stairs 2 days in a row- on my butt, thank God- and more importantly- Peyton was not with me!
Don't get me wrong, things are going really well, I just seem to be scatter brained.
The little peanut has had a few nights with longer stretches now- up to six hours. Not every night yet, but we are moving in the right direction.
We went to see Santa yesterday morning. She slept the entire time- I'll upload a picture of that once I get the thumbdrive from Mike- he has it with him.
I don't know how she slept the whole time. Have you people been to Santa lately? Talk about sensory overload! We were at Woodfield and Santa's area theme was the Polar Express. This means Train noises, steam, whistles, LOUD MUSIC, snow globes, levers and machines and kids and lights and fake snow falling on your head so you look like a Head and Shoulders advertisement.
I get that it keeps the kids occupied, but I'm not gonna lie, I left there feeling like I needed a drink. I felt bad for the people working there. I couldn't do that all day long.
Santa, himself ROCKED! He was a really nice man with the real beard. I hate when they have a fake one.
Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving.
Here are a few random pictures from this week, including a visit from Dad, Donna and Dave and Laura and yesterday's playdate with Jill and Jacob. I LOVE his cheeks! It's funny to hear how different his cry is from Peyton's. Her's is a high-pitched wail- LA LAAAAA LAAA
and his is this little manly grunt. I can't even describe it. You hate to hear a baby cry, but his is really cute sounding- compared to my little monster who can probably break a crystal glass with her vocal range.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I almost cry I laugh so hard whenever I see that SNL skit. For some reason it popped into my head one day when I was changing Peyton's diaper.
So now that has become a Stanczak household favorite one-liner
"Hey Babe, Peyton's got a dirty diaper. Tell Daddy- say 'Oops I crapped my pants'. That's right, you did"
Yes, our lives now revolve around bathroom humor.

Friday, November 21, 2008

7 Weeks

That's right folks- It's been 7 weeks already!

This week has flown by. I finally got a picture of Peyton smiling! I swear, she smiles, I grab the camera and it's gone. I think the flash scares it off. Hopefully I'll bet better at capturing it.

We had a playdate at Jill's yesterday with Jill, Jacob, Amanda and Sophia. It was alot of fun except Miss Sleepy Head (aka Peyton) slept and fussed. It was just one of those days. A girl's gotta get her beauty sleep, right?

I think she's in another growth spurt. She slept so much during the day yesterday (though I tried to keep her up) that we had a nice LONG night last night. That's alright though, she's worth it- I can say it now, but I will tell you it's hard to think it at 1130, 1, 215, 4 and 530.

Of course because she was sleepy and fussy, I didn't get very many pics yesterday, but here's one

Here's one last pic of Peyton and I. I complain to Mike that I am forever taking pictures and therefore, never in them so he finally caught the hint and took some pics. Hopefully there will be more to follow.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another weekend goes by

This weekend was a pretty good one. Great Nana and Great Aunt Mimi watched Peyton Friday night so Mike and I could get out and have dinner- it was actually kinda set up specifically so they could babysit. Nana is in town from Florida still and we knew she was dying to get her hands on the Peanut again.
Saturday I actually got out and had dinner and drinks with Gretch- yay us! I love hangin out with my sis.
Sunday Linds and Greg came out to visit and we watched the Bears lose. Peyton was dressed as the best Bears cheerleader, but even her team spirit couldn't help them yesterday.
Then last night Grandpa and Grandma stopped by to visit and bring Lasagna- YUM! Grandma Donna is like Seattle Sutton for us- only better... better food and cuter clothes.
She has been bringing us food from time to time- especially the first week we were home with Petyon. We are hooked.

Friday, November 14, 2008

6 weeks today

Another week has gone by! They just go so fast. This week we had our first trip to the mall- she did so good! mostly she just slept but it was interesting for me to get the stroller and everything in and out of the car-firsts are always a challenge.

We also spent some time at Nana and Papa's.
Peyton's sleep schedule was off for a few days so she decided to start 2 days this week at 330 am but we seem to be back on track.
We also had a playdate with Jill and Jacob yesterday and that was wonderful. We got some ADORABLE pictures. I just love Jacob- all of the new baby girls will be fighting over him for their boyfriend.

Tonight Great Nana and Great Aunt Mimi are going to babysit while Mike and I go to dinner.

Monday, November 10, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to the Chack Family

They are expecting their second baby in June!
Another Chack. Look out world!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our first family night out

Saturday night we had our fist evening out as a family. Nick, Amanda and Sophia DiMaria invited us over for dinner. We ate fondue for hours and had some really good wine. The girls got to know eachother some and I know they will be great friends. I just love watching Sophia's face. She has such expressive eyes.

The only bad part was pumping and dumping- meaning having to toss out the milk I pumped because I had a few drinks. That stuff is hard to come by!!

Oh well, we had a great time and I think we each gained 5 pounds
Here are a few pics
there are also a few pics of from the visit Peyton and I had at Nana and Papa's today

I love the pic of Amanda and I holding them when they are fussing. They both started at the same time, it was like they were talking to eachother.