Friday, February 29, 2008

Frequent Bathroom Trips

Is it too early for this? Starting around last Saturday night I have noticed that I no longer make it through the night. Suddenly I feel like a 5 year old again. Every night now, some time between 2 and 3 I wake to that familiar feeling.
I've gotta go. Now!
I don't know if it's because I am so much more aware of my water intake and making sure I'm getting enough or if it's the changes going on in my body.
Either way, it's begun. My nights of peaceful slumber are now and forever more to be interrupted by something (and soon someone).

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Babies Coming

I recently learned that Ed and Danielle Hong are expecting their first baby.
Chuck and Ashley Smith (Chuck is a co-worker of Mike's) are expecting as well. The Smith's are due 5 days before us!
Congratulations to the Hongs and Smiths!

For everyone else... Check your water, seriously!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

One is all we need

We had another ultrasound today. It is still early on (we are officially 7 weeks now. There was a great deal of confusion because of IVF stuff like transfer date -day 3 vs day 5, date of cycle, the embryos being from a frozen cycle not an immediate transfer... lots of math?!)
Anyways, WE GOT TO SEE THE HEARTBEAT TODAY and all looks great!
We now know that there is just one baby in there. No twins- which might be better for the world as we know it. Two mini-Mikes at the same time might be more than the world can handle right now.
Anyways, we were told the heartbeat and growth were right on target.
Here's a picture from the ultrasound
The dark portion is the sac and in the upper left you can see where the baby is. The heartbeat was so tiny- just a little flutter. It was incredible to see.
Today was also my "exit" appointment at FCI (the fertility center). It was so bittersweet. They sortof became a little family to me. I was there nearly everyday for the past year- actually having a few appointments further back than that. The nurses were so excited for us. A few teared up with me. They made me promise to come visit during the pregnancy and keep them up to date and I told them I would. So now it's off to my regular OBGyn. I kinda feel like I'm graduating.
Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, February 25, 2008

This must be a joke

I'm sure these are a joke. Thanks to Jess C, I regularly visit a blog called Dooce. Today I saw that the very witty writer had posted a link to these helpful parenting tips. I'm not sure if they are a joke or not as the text above all of the pictures was in Spanish. Either way, I thought they were very, um, well, here are a few of my favorites and a link to the rest...

or how about

And then my top 2...
1. note the baby's feet dangling from the second cart.
2. Have you seen "Meet the Fockers"? DeNiro's Manziere device has nothin on this picture.
Thequote "You can't milk a cat, Focker" comes to mind, replacing cat with man, of course.

Monday and More Snow?!@#!

Happy Monday everyone.
It is mostly a happy one. The weekend was nice and relaxing. My massage on Saturday was wonderful and afterwards my sis and friend Sarah came by and watched a movie with me. We watched "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones. It was somewhat predictable but still cute. I was a bit of a partypooper when I fell aleep at 10, but I think they understood. On a somewhat interesting note (at least for me :) )I had my first real craving on Saturday night, though.
Mike called to say hi and check on me and I told him that I just had to have pancakes. There was a scene in the movie where they were making them . After dreaming about buttery, syruppy pancakes Saturday night, guess what we did first thing Sunday... Mmmm pancakes at Walker Brothers. They were everything I hoped they would be!
I will admit that yesterday came with alot of ups and downs. Most of this was just hormones I think, but between crying, back aches and my upset tummy I'm sure Mike was a little bewildered.
Today is much better. The morning sickness isn't so fun but I don't count that as a factor in my day. It's going to be there, like it or not, so I just try to keep something in my tummy.
The only thing bringing me down today is the threat of more snow tonight. While walking Bailey over the weekend I couldn't help but notice that the snow was melting. I was thrilled. You could see grass (brown and smashed, but grass none the less) peeking out in places. March starts on Saturday and in my mind that means Spring is close, or so I thought.
Not quite.
6 to 9 inches of snow tonight? Um, I'll pass!
With the St Legers in Florida and the DiMarias in Mexico I'm hoping someone can bring back some warm weather.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Physical Changes

I probably won't be as consistent as some of my girlfriends have been in regards to weekly photos of "the growing belly", but I am gonna try to keep up. Here is my first picture. No belly yet. I think in the months ahead I'll look back and sigh thinking of what my tummy used to be. At least I know the bulge will be for a good reason :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Big Weekend Plans

Funny how things change, for the mom-to-be anyways. I truly am looking forward to my weekend, but it is very different from a month ago. Let's break it down...
In the past my weekends would consist of visits to the gym, maybe a dinner or 2 out, meeting up with friends at a bar or someone's house for a few drinks. Listening to a band or watching a game. Staying up late (even if we stay at home and watch movies).
Today, Friday, Mike and I are going out to dinner. Hopefully we will be home by 9pm so I can be close to the couch when the sandman comes. I may try to go to the gym to walk for a little while on the treadmill (my marathon days seem to be from a different lifetime). Tomorrow afternoon I am getting a massage, with my doctor's consent of course-YAY. Then tomorrow night, Mike is going out with some friends for drinks and then watching a live Ultimate Fighting event- I will be on the couch in pjs, asleep by 10 (10:30 if I'm really daring).
Both of our lives are about to change forever but it's obvious that life for the mommy-to-be changes about 40 weeks before the daddy-to-be. I swear this isn't a complaint. (okay, okay, a tiny part of me misses it- but the rest of me doesn't have the energy to care). It's merely more of an observation! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Dreams

I definately have a ton of dreams every night now. This doesn't necessarily mean I remember all of them, but at least bits and pieces come back to me.
As I was drinking my favorite caffeine free tea this morning I had as sudden thought/image from somewhere about me swimming in hot water.
As I thought about it I realized it was from a dream last night. I was on vacation in Marco Island with our family (which is just a few weeks away and I daydream about warm weather constantly so it would make sense that it's popping up in dreams).
This was a strange dream though. I was swimming in the ocean and as I floated along enjoying myself, the water started to get really warm. Soon it was hot. When I lifted my head I was really far from shore. I started panicking because of the baby. The water was really hot by now and I kept thinking the baby was boiling. Suddenly a boat pulled up with Lindsey and Jess C in it. Lindsey yanked me out of the water and Jess started started hosing me off with cold water- I don't know where the hose came from and then we were back on the beach?!? Maybe I'll avoid the ocean on this trip.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One month to Marco, and counting

Our trip to Marco Island is only one month away. FINALLY! Even though the sun is shining today, the wind chill is something like 15 below! I can't wait to get away from this cold and snow. More than that, though, I can't wait to spend time with some of our family. We'll be heading down for almost a week to stay at the house with Dad and Donna, Dave and Laura. Our cousins Kiki and John are coming down with the kids and staying at the condo. We've been counting down to this for what seems like forever.
I just hope this queasy stomach is gone by then (if not, I'll deal :) ) and that I can still fit into my swimsuit. I'm trying to hold off buying a new one until our anniversary trip in May.

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Official Ultrasound

This morning we had our first ultrasound (I've had a gazillion throughout this process, but now it's official because we are actually watching our baby grow!)It doesn't look like much yet, as it's still early, but we were assured by the technician and our nurse that everything looks great. The main point of today's ultrasound was to see that the sac was forming properly.
The dark portion in the center is the sac and the little white spot on the right side of it is the fetus. Next Wednesday we will go for our second ultrasound at which time we will see the heart beat. I can't wait!
The technician said that at this point it looks as though there is only one, but there is still a possibility of a second sac and we'll know more about that next Wednesday as well.
Either way, I am just happy that things look the way they should.
Side note... a tiny bit of morning sickness has set in. It started Saturday and gets a little stronger everyday. It's annoying but not terrible and I've been told that morning sickness is actually a good sign because that means your body is making alot of neccesary changes. As long as I keep my breakfast down I won't complain ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Favorite Book

A week or so ago Mandy St. Leger posted a blog talking about Jenny McCarthy's book "Belly Laughs". It sounded hysterical so I went to get it the other day- and it really is Hysterical.
I think I'm driving Mike nuts. We're on the couch. He's watching tv, I'm reading. I keep bursting out laughing and everytime I look over he is eyeing me like I woke him from a nap. I decided to start to share some of the funny parts and I have to say, he finds them as entertaining (though sometimes disturbing or disgusting) as I do. For family, please skip the next part of this blog.
There is a section of her book where she discusses flexing your kegels (muscles in the vagina). I won't detail the full segment because I'm sure my family is still reading regardless of the above warning, but the phrase "throwing a hotdog down a hallway" was used. I will leave the rest to your own creativity.
Other topics of dicussion are cravings, moodswings, granny panties, muumuus and even digestive troubles- just to name a few. She shares her own experiences and stories, and though sometimes gross, I find it comforting. Hope that doesn't make me too weird.
I highly suggest this book! Mike is gonna read it after me- though I've warned him of the detail and content.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharing the News

The news is out. I posted a comment to Amanda's blog and, not realizing that my profile would pop up, was outted (hee hee, kudos to Jess C. and Mandy S. for spotting it). I am not so smart when it comes to figuring out how all of these blogging pieces come together.
That being said, Mike and I discussed it and decided to announce it. It's early to do so, but good thoughts and vibes can only be a positive thing, right?
So, there you have it :)
Our first ultrasound to view the sac will be Monday the 18th.
The second ultrasound is Wednesday the 27th. This is when we'll see the heartbeat (or beats)- get this... my nurse called me yesterday to say that my hormone levels are very very good- good enough, in fact, to indicate that there could be more than one!?@?!- she assured me not triplets as the numbers weren't high enough for that.
Leave it to the girl who takes up the least room veritcally to possibly have more than one baby at a time. Can anybody say wheel barrel?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


SO, we aren't officially announcing it, yet. It's still early, but I am 5 1/2 WEEKS Pregnant!!!

It still doesn't seem real but 2 sets of blood tests have confirmed it and my hormone levels are in the right place. Thurday afternoon my nurse called with the results. I could hardly breath when I answered the phone- even though I felt like it was good news, I got so scared! She only said these words "Jessica... you're going to be a Mommy" and I burst into tears. I called Mike right away. He later said people at work probably thought he was nuts because he walked around with perma-grin looking like a toothpaste commercial.

YAY. It's so hard not to say anything. I know some people know-those of you who see this, and immediate family. We are just going to wait until after the 2nd ultrasound to announce.

I will go back again tomorrow for more bloodwork. This is just standard procedure for IVF patients. They will schedule my first ultrasound tomorrow. This one will be to see how the sac is forming. Then there will be a second ultrasound a few days later for the heartbeat- or beats. This is what I'm waiting for!

Even though I feel some strange things, it's still surreal. I am a little sick to my stomach all day long and my ovaries cramp up alot. I definately am more well endowed than before :) not complaining there, and I am almost a zombie by 8pm but I don't FEEL pregnant yet. It just hasn't sunk in.

Here is a picture of Mike's first reaction last Thursday when we got THE CALL...

That's right. The baby will be a Cubs fan- of course! There was a pink set but true Cubbie blue is not gender specific so he went for the real deal and I couldn't agree more.

So, nowthat the news is here, it's only a matter of time before we spread the word officially. I am itching to do it and so is Mike but we want to be safe about it. We can't wait to share the news with friends and extended family!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Superbowl Pics

Here are a couple of pictures from the Superbowl party. How cute are Luke and Elliott? He couldn't stop hugging her!

Monday, February 4, 2008

My, how things have changed

Let me give you a break down of last night.
Rocky and Jill hosted a Superbowl party with enough food for a small army- and fantastic food, too. We had homemade chili and flank steak. Not to mention the yummy snacks and dips and cookies that guest brought. I think I ate enough for 10 people.
Mike and I had a great time, but on much different levels.
Let's see.
Guys- beer, poker, beer, game, beer, food
me (hopefully almost 4 weeks pregnant, but too early to share the news-see below for details)
Jill- 8weeks pregnant
Amanda- 8 weeks pregnant
Mandy-15 weeks pregnant
Kelly- family making plans in the works
Jess C. with 7month old Elliott
Teresa with 15 moth old Luke
water, sitting on floor playing and cooing over Elliott and Luke ( who needs football when you have these two cute little ones around!!), water, food, water

What happened to the parties with keg stands and jagerbombs? Ahhhh, alas, those days are over. We did decide that next year the guys can watch the game with the little ones and we'll sit in the other room and drink wine and chat!

side note... I found out over the weekend that they consider you to be about 2 weeks along at transfer because they go by the date of your last period. This means I might be 4 weeks pregant- not 2 like I thought- which means I'm not crazy. I've been feeling very, very tired and certain things are sore and seem to be growing (my bras are tight) and these could be early pregnancy symptoms, not just figments of my imagination.

The Stork strikes again!!!

Rocky and Jill Rojas are expecting their first little one!!!! Jill told us all the exciting news last night at their Superbowl party. She is 8 weeks along and glowing!