Friday, June 27, 2008

The Gym Lady

I went to the gym after work yesterday. Mike and I switched from Lifetime to the cute little gym down the street from our house. It's nice because we can walk there, it's never too crowded and they still have all of the amenities- cafe, massages, etc. The only thing is now, I have to watch out for the gym lady. There is a nice, sweet woman behind the front desk when you check in each day. She always says hello and asks you how you are. I've never had a problem with her. On the contrary, she tends to make me smile- until yesterday. When I arrived, she was on the lobby side of the desk folding towels and when she turned and saw me, she reached out and started rubbing my belly- I mean like stroking and massaging. I tried to step back as she was asking me if the baby was kicking- and some other questions I can't recall because in my mind all I was thinking is a: please stop groping me and b: if she rubs up any higher she's gonna be grabbing my boobs.
I smiled politely. I didn't want to offend her- I see her several times a week (just understand that we have never had an actual conversation so I don't consider us to be friends or acquaintances).
I managed to make it to the locker room and away from her. I had my work out and was heading towards the door when she started to come around the desk AGAIN. She was talking with a younger girl who was working the cafe or something and began telling her that I was having a baby and she should come and "feel this belly"- SERIOUSLY?! You grab without asking and now you are inviting other strangers to a belly rubbing party on my behalf??! I DO NOT THINK SO.
I scrounged up the fakest smile I could, mumbled something about being late for dinner and all but ran for the door.
UM- I am skipping the gym today- I worked out outside this morning.
I have to think this through some more to figure out how to handle future incidences.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yesterday with my mom and sister

I spent some time with my mom and sister yesterday and it was nice to just catch up- especially with Gretch because we don't get to spend alot of time together.
Peyton was moving around at one point so I had Gretchen put her hands on my belly and for the first time she got to feel her neice kick. I could see in her eyes that she felt it and she was excited. This sweet, touching moment was quickly followed by Gretchen making some funny comment (I honestly can't remember what it was) that made me laugh.
Well, when I laughed, my belly kinda shook around. Her hand was still on my stomach and I swear to you, her feet left the ground.
I don't know if she thought she hurt me or if she thought it was going to be a scene from Alien the movie and Peyton was gonna reach out of my belly button and grab her. Either way, my mom and I nearly peed ourselves.
Sorry Gretch, it was just so damn funny.
The look on her face was priceless. Anyways, I'm glad she got to have both of those moments with her neice. I know she's gonna be a great aunt!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weird Dreams

So with sleep becoming more sporadic and less comfortable, I am finding that my dreams are becoming more interesting. I'm not really having the nightmares I've read so much about- not to say they won't come, but maybe I will be lucky and won't dream that I can't find my baby or that I left her at the grocery store.
Last night my dreams were of me doing activities from my past- but pregnant. Of course in the dreams, this seemed completely normal- but you tell me what the reality would be if you saw this in person.
Dream 1: I'm moving down the soccer field at a fast pace, passing the ball- give and go to my team mate on the way to score a goal. Nothing unusual about this at a soccer game- EXCEPT THE GIANT BABY IN MY BELLY! Note: no one on the sidelines seemed bothered by it, not even Mike, the expectant father. I'm sure he was fine with his baby being elbowed and wisked around a field with 21 other players in a harsh stop and go game.
Dream 2: I am in my high school competition leotard for gymnastics. I signal to the judges and mount the balance beam- and yes, my velour leotard has just enough room for Peyton- as in this dream I appear to be nearly full-term in my pregnancy. I gracefully execute 2 flip-flops and pause mid handstand in the second one to do a press-down into the splits. Again, no one seems to find this unusual. By the way, the profile of the handstand with the round belly is killer- I can still see it in my mind.
Not quite sure what sparked the high school sports glory days dreams. It could have been the bag of Hershey Kisses, peanut butter cups and rolos I ate before bed... Nah

Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Okay, where to begin.

Friday was the Girl's spa trip to Galena that Jill put together. We had a great time. I've never been to Galena before and I have to say, I LOVED IT!
We got there early afternoon and had some lunch, followed by massages. It felt a little strange to lay on my tummy with Peyton in there- even though they have special set-ups for the prenatal massages so there is space for the tummy.
After the relaxing massage, we checked into our cute little townhouse and chatted for a while. We decided on dinner in town and headed in early so we could wander for a while. The town is SO cute! Old fashioned candy and ice cream parlors, lots of shops and cute restaurants and bars.
We ate dinner at Fried Green Tomatoes- and of course tried the namesake menu item out- which I loved!
The next morning we spent a few hours at the pool. Out of the 6 of us, 3 are expecting so it was fun to be amongst other swollen bellies.
Thanks for putting the trip together Jill! I had a great time! My camera wasn't charged so I'll post some pics the other girls took once I see them- they have better cameras anyways :)

Mike and I ended up relaxing Saturday night. I was supposed to head into the city for a party- sorry girls, hope you had fun, but I was feeling a little tired and Mike had been at the Cubs game all day, so we ordered Lou Malnati's and Dave and Laura came by for pizza.
-Okay, I've decided I should be the poster child for Lou's. Ya know how Wendy's has the red-headed girl with pigtails- they should have a pregnant brunettE shoving a piece of pizza in her mouth for Lou's. That would be good marketing, right?

Sunday night we had dinner with my parents to celebrate Father's Day since my dad was in Korea for the actual date. Traditionally, I thought the dad's were supposed to receive gifts, but of course, my dad came bearing gifts from his trip.
Peyton now has her first dolls- 2 beautiful Korean dolls in incredible gowns and a dress from his friend Brian Cheon and his wife Kim that I can't even describe adequately. It's so dainty and detailed and beautiful, here are some pics.
I need to mention that this is Peyton's first dress. Hard to believe, but I haven't started buying her clothes yet. We've been too busy registering and concentrating on nursery decisions. This dress is truly beautiful! Thank You Brian and Kim!! We love it! You can see in the pics, the beatuful hat and jacket. The sleeve of the jacket has all of these layers of fabric with embroidery. Then the beautiful pink dress matches the jacket and there are little booties that go along.(note, the dress is sideways in the picture).

Switching gears AGAIN- Bear with me people... I have to bust my mom out. When the check came, she grabbed it to pay- since it was for Father's day we couldn't have Daddy doing it :)
Anyways, first she asked the waitress for a pen to sign for the check when she hadn't paid yet- hadn't given the credit card. So then as she laughs that off, she reached in her wallet and pulled out her drivers license and put that in the card holder. Don't know how she thought they would charge that thing :). Guess it shows how often she reaches for the check... Just kidding Mama, I love you.
Anyways, here is one last picture of Bailey inspecting Peyton's home in my belly

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Past the 23 Week Mark

Hard to believe it but I'm past 23 weeks now. I had some doctors appts- cool ones that were just consults as a part of the maternity "package" I guess you could call it, through my doctor's office.
I met with a Nutritionist to go over extra things I can be doing for my pregnancy and then also the Physician's Assistant to go over additional services offered through the group for classes, Maternity spa services they offer, and then I got to check in on Peyton with her heart rate, fundal height, etc. It was just nice to have the extra info and reassurance.
I'm pumped for the weekend because the Spa trip Jill put together is tomorrow- YAY-thanks Jill! I can't wait to lay by the pool and get my massage!
For once it's the guys stayin home and the girls takin a trip.
One last thing. I have been having strange dreams again- the books say it's time for it so I guess I'm on target.
Last night I was looking for my dinner in the cabinet- don't worry that it was pizza and it was logical that it was in the cabinet in my dream. The weirdest part was opening the cabinet where our plates are and finding Peyton in there waiting for me.
Who needs drugs and hallucinogens when pregnancy can make you see and dream weird things!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Update

It's Sunday, again... Isn't it always Sunday or Monday?

We had a great weekend. Friday we celebrated Father's Day with Mike's dad and Donna, Dave and Laura- since he had to leave yesterday for a business trip to Germany. We'll celebrate with my dad next weekend as he is also on a business trip- in Korea.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon betting the ponies at Arlington and had some luck at first. Mike hit a trifecta and I hit a superfecta (but it was only a 10 cent superfecta bet. Still, we were up enough to pay for the remainder of our losing bets and then all of the food I ate :). We spent the rest of our winnings at dinner at Emmett's. We sat outside and enjoyed 98% of our meal before a huge downpour came. We had an umbrella and managed to stay dry but some other outdoor diners weren't so lucky.
The rain only lasted a few minutes and then the sun came out but the best part was the rainbow that actually ended in the street right in front of the restaurant. No pot of gold, but I took it as a sign of good luck anyways.
Today was kinda a lazy day, which was nice. It seems rare that we have a day where we have nowhere to be.
Here are a few pics for this week- 22 1/2 weeks now. Um, apparently I have a standard Sunday outfit. I noticed that I have some pictures from a previous update where I am wearing the same thing. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Baby Stats

So last night I was pondering things over my growing belly. It is definately a belly now but I was wondering how fast it would begin to expand now that it's here so I skipped ahead a bit in one of my books.
The stats for week 21 (even though I'm just past 22 now) say the baby is approaching a pound in weight and is about 7 1/2 inches long.
The stats for week 24- just 3 weeks later say the baby will be about 1.5 pounds and almost 15 inches long!
That is so incredible to me. It really is a large change in a short time- and that's nothin. From here on out, this little girl is gonna be multiplying cells like it's nobody's business.
I am actually still in regular pants- most with the rubberband trick, though some pants like the jeans I have on today, are low enough and stretch out enough to fit nicely. I guess that is all about to go out the window if what the books say is true! Bring it on Baby!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Furniture

Another decision checked off the list... I think.

We've been on the hunt for baby furniture for a while now and I think we've made our decision- give or take the hutch or maybe a nightstand type table- and then we'll be getting a rocker or glider- but I think this is it. It's simple, and classy and we love the color, too.
Of course our room decor will be much cuter, but that's obvious, right?

A different kind of post

Hi All,
I have decided that, with all of the information I am faced with daily about the state of our economy and finaces/declining markets/interest rate problems/foreclosures/airline ticket increases... the list goes on and on... that I am going to pay more attention to ways I can make a difference.
Mike and I have already gotten on the "Green" wagon to some extent- keeping all kitchen and other appliances unplugged unless in use at the time, changing to the "greener" lightbulbs, keeping lights off as much as possible, walking places (even the grocery store from time to time) whenever possible. These things may be small and silly, but we are making an effort and will continue to add to our efforts.
I have to say this gas price thing is killing me, though. Anyways, I received an email today- I think I sent it to most of you- and I am going to post a blurb of it here and request that people follow it (if possible). If you choose not to, that's fine- ignore this posting and no need to comment on it, as it is simply my opinion. However, in the off-chance some of you may join me in this effort, maybe we'll see some change- even if it's only a tiny bit. We've got to start somewhere, right? So, see below if you are interested...

Here's the idea: For the rest of this year 2008, DON'T purchase ANY gasoline from the two biggest companies (which now are one), EXXON and MOBIL. If they are not selling any gas,their inventories will create a glut they will be inclined to reduce their prices. If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow suit. - the more the merrier.

Thank you for putting up with my political/economical agenda for the day. Happy Wednesday!
P.S. If you have any other ideas, suggestions, feel free to share them with me- though again, I respect if you don't agree with this and request that you be respectful of my stance as well.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Name Decision...

I'm happy to announce that Mike and I have decided on the name.
Our little girl will be Peyton Priscilla Stanczak.
We both love the name Peyton and will be honoring Mike's mom with Priscilla.
She can go by any nickname she chooses but I love the options of Penny and Pey.

PB&J and Roseanne

Over the past week or two there have been 3 nights where I have gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom- or from leg cramps- and realized I am STARVING. I debate getting out of bed and getting a snack or just trying to go back to sleep but usually the growling in my tummy wins out.
Last night at 3am I found myself hungry once again. My stomach guided me to the kitchen and I turned the tv on while I debated my snack options. If you have ever tried to watch tv at this hour, you know 99.9% of the channels are showing infomercials. I did, however, find a wonderful surprise on Nick at night... Roseanne re-runs.
I settled in for a yummy PB&J (I figure at least the peanut butter has got some really healthy attributes, right?) and some good old Roseanne.
Funny that after all of the storms and tornado warnings over the weekend it was the Tornado episode.
DJ and Darlene cracked me up as they ran around the house with football helmets on to protect themselves.
Anywhoo, keep Nick at night in mind for your next late night adventure.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Craziness

This weekend was a good one- though pretty busy.
Valerie and Russell's shower was Saturday night and even with a bit of rain, the Luau theme was a hit. We had a great time and no tornado hit us in the city- though I hear one came through Mundelein?!!
Sunday, Mike and I took on the daunting task of registering.
Teresa, thank you so much for putting up with my phone calls- the whole car seat/carrier thing threw me for a loop!
We managed to get more than 2/3s of the way done before our brains and my stomach told us it was time to stop for the day and get something to eat.
We are also working on the whole "furniture" thing now and will hopefully have some things finalized with that this week.
I've actually been feeling pretty good lately- except of course, last night, I got sick after dinner. I think that was maybe just from being over-tired, though.
Anyways, it's a new week and if you folks are lucky, I'll let you know what our little girl's name is gonna be tomorrow. We decided last night but I think I'm gonna hold out for another day for the suspense factor...
One last note- I think the date for my shower is going to be August 24th. I gave our families the dates of other showers and parties I knew of and after other family obligations, trips, etc, this was the date that worked best. Looks like August is gonna be a busy month- sorry about that, but hope everyone can make it!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Decision Making Begins

Now that we know what's cookin things have started to move forward in the Stanczak house.

I can be so indecisive sometimes so I am proud to say that after several rounds of cuts, we have decided on the bedding. It's not a super-frilly/lacy set, though I liked alot of them, but in all honesty, we aren't really frilly people. Both of us really like it though so I am excited that we can start to plan the room color.
This weekend we'll be registering and making more furniture decisions.
I've even started to make a blanket for her.
The name decision is still in the works but I will let you know once we have it nailed down.

So here's the bedding. I have a thing for stripes but I didn't want the whole set to be all stripes. I love the name, too. Raspberry Truffle. The furniture will be dark wood or cherry, too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congratulations to the Chack Family

Yesterday the Chack's welcomed Vivian Rae into the world.
Vivian made her entrance at a healthy 7lb, 11oz.
Congratulations Mom and Dad!
We're so excited for you and can't wait to meet Vivian.

A FUNNY Tidbit

While we were in the waiting room yesterday, I was reading the July 2008 Pregnancy magazine.
I found a little blurb that I thought was AWESOME, FUNNY, CRAZY and really something I think we should adopt in our culture.
There is a tribe of Indians in Mexico (related to the Aztecs) who have an interesting tradition for childbirth.
The father sits on the roof of the house while the wife is in labor below. A rope is tied to his scrotum (I'm not kidding!) and the other end is fed down through the roof to the wife. She holds on to the rope and yanks with every pain and contraction. The idea is for the husband to share in the pain and true experience of child birth.
What do you think ladies? Guys, you have no say in this one, it's up to the ladies.
Note: I read this to Mike, barely containing my laughter, and he looked earnestly and asked why I would want to do that to him- to which I replied "well, why is it okay for me to feel that kind of pain and not you?"
-not really a complaint, we all know it comes with the territory, but still, a girl can dream can't she?

Our Big Announcement

Yesterday we had our latest doctor's appointment and ultrasound.
We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a little girl!!!
I have ultrasound pictures but it will be a day or two because I'll need Mike to scan them at work for me.
It was a wonderful surprise. We would have been surprised either way because we both didn't really have any idea as we've gone back and forth over what we thought was cookin in the oven, but it's just so surprising in general when you actually hear the news.
Her size and weight are right on target, which was great to hear and she was moving around like crazy!
Let the fun begin. We have the names narrowed down to 2 (I'm not sayin what they are, though some of you know- we'll announce it once we have our final decision). Now we are onto bedding and nursery decorations, furniture and registering. The list goes on...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Bday Kellie Park

I was out of the office Thurs afternoon and Friday so I didn't see my calendar.
Hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated in a fun way!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The weekend and some update pictures

I wrote this yesterday but it didn't post for some reason so let's try it again...
This weekend has been beautiful. It finally seems like Spring! I haven't felt the greatest, Saturday especially, but the weather definately helps cheer me up!
Friday night Sarah and I saw the Sex and the City movie. I loved it and I think Sarah did, too.
I am one of those nerds who always sees the Harry Potter movies on opening night- when you get to see the weirdos who come out with capes and wands (really, they do- and not just kids, adults, too). Anyways, I thought it was funny that there were alot of people dressed up almost in costume for this movie. I saw a few tu tus- like what SJP where's in the show opening and then just a bunch of other people dressed like they were going to Fashion Week in NYC instead of AMC Theatres.
Saturday I pretty much don't count as a day except I had a little shopping excursion and lunch with my mom where she bought me a few shirts and a pair of maternity pants- thanks Mama!We also had lunch but it was one of those days where nothing I ate stuck around so I spent the rest of the day walking back and forth to the bathroom (sometimes running with hand over mouth).
Today, Sunday was great, though. Mandy's shower was this afternoon and it was a beautiful day! It was great to see everyone and catch up, see some of the other pregger girls and how they're doing and enjoy the afternoon with some good food and conversation. It's fun to be at a shower and kinda take stock in what items you realize you are going to need, especially since Mike and I are going to be registering soon- there are so many necessities- and fun things, too.
I'll stop rambling and just end this with a updated belly pics because it's been a bit. Still not a big belly, but it's only a matter of time judging by the serious case of itchiness I am experiencing now.

Here ya go!