Thursday, August 28, 2008

Past 33 weeks

Yesterday was the 33 week mark! So crazy!
The doctor appt on Tuesday night went well. Everything looks good. The fact that I'm having so many contractions isn't such a bad thing at this point. The doctor said that as I get closer to my due date, they'll be less worried about stopping labor if it begins and all of the contractions are a sign that I'll go early rather than late- but now that we are getting further into weeks- we don't have to be so concerned about it being too early. In fact, in another 2 weeks, they would no longer try to stop the labor if it began- which is reassuring. It makes me feel like I've done my job and kept her in the oven long enough.
We'll go back again in a week and a half and from there, every week.
I'm definately nesting now, though. I can't seem to get things organized or clean enough- I just am making sure I'm not lifting anything or using certain cleaning supplies. I kinda feel this sense of urgency that I need to have everything ready soon because I'm running out of time. I've been working on the nursery a ton and once Mike puts shelves up tonight I can do alot more. We're hitting up Babies R Us this Saturday to gather things we still need and then maybe I'll feel a little more settled.
Other than that, I am just waiting for a call or text that Baby Rojas and/or Baby DiMaria is on the way!!! Let's go babies, we're waiting for you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lots of randomness

Hopefully I'll have some shower pictures to put up soon. My shower was wonderful. Thanks to everyone for coming- and hangin for the 4 hours- guess that's what happens when you only have 1 shower total and so many gifts to get through.
Peyton is so lucky to have so many people who care about her!

I noticed that my baby on my blog isn't right- today is 50 days to go- SO CRAZY!!
For some reason the baby says 147 days or something- um, I don't think so.

We had our baby care class last night. It was great! The nurse was so wonderful and informative. As a part of it, she showed us 5 minutes of the Oprah show that Priscilla Dunstan was on. She's the Australian woman who has figured out that babies say 5 specific words. Whether it's true or not, kinda cool to look for- and it could be true. If you get a chance, see if you can find it on youtube- they show several examples of babies with each word and some seem to really be saying it. I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna be trying to see if Peyton does any of these- if it helps, I'm all for it!
Neh="I'm hungry"
Owh="I'm sleepy"
Heh="I'm experiencing discomfort"
Eair="I have lower gas"
Eh="I need to burp" be really helpful.

So anyways, this week I am just trying to organize things and figure out where to put all of Peyton's goodies and cute clothes. I'll update the nursery pictures once it doesn't look like a tornado hit in there anymore.
We have another doctors appt today- so we'll see how the little peanut is doing.
Have a great day

Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Gymnastics

I'm on my high horse again. Sorry.
I dreamt about gymnastics last night so that's probably the reason for this post.
Mike and I always talk about sports we'd like to have our kids involved in. I loved gymnastics, but I would definitely prefer if they only participated in it for a few tumbling classes when they were young- if they wanted to at all. It's good for coordination and flexibility.
I just think that competitive gymnastics is too demanding on the body in the long run- not that it's the only sport- there are a thousand sports that are dangerous and taxing- I just know from my experience. I've seen too many compound fractures, suffered injuries myself, and knowing 3 people who were paralyzed from it, I think it's a bit much. I already have tendinitis in several joints.
I've been cracking up over Bella's gripes with the Chinese gymnasts. He was kinda the one who invented the ways to skirt the system. Even with that, my dream as a little girl was to be coached by him in the Olympics. But now that his gripes are showing some merit and the ages of the Chinese "half-people" are truly in question, I'm kinda upset.
1. I think if they are underage, then they are cheating by disobeying the rules, but more than that
2. Being 13 or 14 and having that kind of extreme pressure put on you seems almost abusive to me. The physical and emotional stress of the Olympics and demands of being at that level are crazy. I wouldn't want that on my child- and that's what they are- children.
We'll see what the IOC decides if they are truly under age.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

32 Weeks

Today is 32 weeks. Yay! It's crazy how things move along. Sometimes it seems like the next day will never come and then boom, another week has flown by.
Mike is out of town until Thursday night so I'm flyin solo. Gretch came and stayed with me last night which was nice. It was fun hangin out with her and also made me feel safe because I'm still having alot of contractions. I keep track of them though and nothing else is happening so fingers crossed that things keep goin along that way.

This past weekend was Jill's shower. It was beautiful! Jill and Amanda are comin up pretty quickly here. We'll see. I keep waiting for a call or text that says Baby Rojas or Baby DiMaria is on the way.

My shower is this weekend so I'm really looking forward to that. Not much else to report on the baby front except Peyton gets the hiccups alot- makes me laugh every time.

I will say I've started to have a few clothing casualties as I try to put some things on that used to fit. I had one shirt on a few days ago and looked in the mirror to see something resembling a spin off of "fat guy in a little coat". I tried to stretch the shirt a bit because it was just made of cotton and snap- the side hem popped open.
Guess it's time to go up a size, huh?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Peyton's Baptismal Gown

Alright, I did the best I could with this damn camera so bear with me (Kelly, thanks for the camera comment, I'm making sure Mike sees it.)
Also, excuse the wrinkles in the dress- I'll need to get it pressed and will once I have things more organized in the nursery.

Here are a few pictures of it. It has the sweetest little cap and up close you can see all of the detailed hand stitching. I love it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Joys of Working from Home

I have to say, though it gets a little lonely, I am liking working from home. I woke up at 4 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so I came downstairs early, ran all of my daily reports I needed, sent out my emails, checked email and then took a little snooze. By the time I normally would have started my day, I'd done most of what I needed to do for the morning.

Update: I am trying to get a good picture of the Batismal gown. Our damn dinosaur of a camera is all blurry and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it. I'm giving it one more shot and then I'm going to try smacking it on the table to see if that fixes it.
We really just need a new one and it would be good to have one before Peyton arrives.
Um, Mike...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week 31

Today is offically week 31 so to mark it, I actually have pictures- yay me! This camera stinks so some are blurry but oh well.
Here are 2 of the belly, a few of the nursery- Mike didn't want me to take anymore until everything is up, well, the furniture is in so I did it anyways :) We don't have the bedding on yet because, well, we don't have the mattress yet, but you can get a rough idea of what the room will look like. Mike's going to put some shelves up, too.
The last pic is one of my two guys watching tv together.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm going to try to update more often now. I know I've been bad lately.
Things have not been too exciting- outside of the many doctor's visits I've had. Seems I'm having contractions so I have to rest alot or they'll put me on bedrest (I would go nuts!)

This past weekend Dad and Donna came by. They had been on vacation in Rome and while they were there, bought a Baptismal gown for Peyton. It is so beautiful. I will take pictures of it as soon as I charge the camera- actually, I'll have pictures of that, my belly AND the furniture and nursery! The furniture came yesterday. But back to the gown. It's hand stitched with all kinds of detail and embroidery and has a little cap to match. It is beautiful! I was so touched. Mike's dad said it seemed only fitting because Peyton will be part Italian so she should have a gown from Rome. Too funny.

Sunday was Amanda DiMaria's baby shower. It was my big outting for the weekend! The shower was so nice! It was in downtown St. Charles at a place called Hotel Baker right on the river. The room was beautiful and the food was great. Nick and Amanda are deciding between Samantha and Sophia (I think it's Sophia) as names. They let people vote at the shower. My vote's for Samantha as you can tell I can't quite recall the other name.

Next up is Jill's shower this weekend and mine the following.
Other than that, we have another doctor's appointment tonight- surprise! I swear, they should just give me a cot in the back.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Peyton now has a new trick... the hiccups. She had them once or twice over the past 2 weeks but today she's had them 2 times. I think she must be taking after my mom. She gets them all the time.

Anywhoo, I know that's a boring post but I am sitting at the house, working from home and these are the things that I find entertaining.

Yay Sarah

One of my best friends, Sarah, has joined the blogging world.
I'm glad because I don't get to see her very often- at least lately.
Check her blog out- she's on my blog list
In Sarah's Shoes

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Good and the Bad

We'll start with the bad- it's less fun.
I'm currently at home resting. I saw the doctor yesterday, after a black out (I was sitting down when it happened, so I didn't fall), dizziness, several days of being sick and some other complications. She sent me home to put my feet up until Friday and my follow up appointment. I've started on an anti-nausea med and it seems to be working. I've now had 3 meals in a row- yay! Friday we are going to do a stress test and a few labs but she thinks it will be fine. We're just working to prevent any problems from occuring.
The good news is Peyton is measuring well and, despite the toll on my body, she seems to be doing just fine. She is measuring in the 55% percentile for height and weight and already weighs just over 3 pounds. It put things in perspective when Mike and I were talking and I realized she weighs almost as much as I did when I was born. Gretchen and I were early and didn't weigh 8 pounds together. I was under 4. WOW- and see, I was fine- well maybe not normal, I'm kinda goofy, but it made me feel good to think she is getting that big and strong.
Our furniture isn't in yet, but it should be any day now. Mike spoke to a lady about it yesterday. Once it's in, I'll do a nursery picture update. Maybe I'll even take a picture of it today if I remember to bring the camera upstairs with me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pregnancy- Really

I want to put this out there, read it or ignore it.
Pregnancy is not easy.
I know some women have smooth ones- and I wish it were that way for everyone. I don't think anyone deserves to have a rough time.
Mine has not been easy, but I know many people who have had it much, much worse.
I just want to vent.
After another week of dealing with a new urinary tract infection, nausea, vomiting, leg cramps, growing pains, baby blues- yes, they can set before the baby comes, as early as 26 weeks according to my doctors- especially if you have a history of depression (and have been pushing through the past year without medication) like me, braxton hicks contractions, several doctor's visits, 2 medications- one for the infection that I've been on before, but one new one that I had severe side effects and sickness from Saturday night- I'M TIRED!
I'm tired of feeling yucky and worried- I know, I know- right now all you moms are saying, wait til the baby gets here, then tell me about worrying- and I know you're right.
Besides the above mentioned items, normal pregnancy comes with a marathon long list of symptoms and frustrations- from the nausea to trouble sleeping to cramping, moodswings to hemorrhoids- possibilities of stretchmarks, then the birth itself- C or natural, drugs or not, the list goes on and on.
I do have to say, I now get why pregnancy is as long as it is. It takes a long time to get used to the idea of the major life change you are undertaking- the responsibility of making and raising another human being and putting someone else's needs completely in front of your own.
So yes, much of pregnancy is hard- it's like a full time job sometimes- it's with you day and night even on the good days. Mike and I joke, especially on a sick day for me. He'll say "what can I do for you?" and I'll grab my tummy and say "here take this for a few minutes, I need a break".
Some days it takes a lot to remind me it will be worth it- think of me what you will for saying that, but it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when your head's in the toilet. But even on the bad days, feeling the baby move, realizing they are in there, growing stronger, you know it will be worth it. I'll see our neighbors outside with their little ones and hear laughter or tears or squeals and think about how that will be us one day soon.
But believe me, I know we are blessed to be having this little girl and each day I get a more excited (and nervous) to meet her. And one day when she's a teenager, I'll remember this as being the easy part.