Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Weekend and some CONGRATULATIONS

The weekend didn't go quite as planned. I missed Teresa's surprise party on Friday night because of some different things going on with my body. As I said, I've been laying down pretty much all day the past few days. I was sorry to miss it and the chance to see everyone. Mike said Teresa was surprised, but Luke was more surprised :)
It sounded like everyone had a good time. Hopefully I'll get to see everyone soon.

Happy Early Birthday Tere. She'll be celebrating her bday on October 2.

Also, Happy Birthday Jess Campbell!!!!- I know I missed it, it was on the 27th. I know I suck, but better late than never. I hope I get to see you soon!

Another note- CONGRATULATIONS to Brian and Teresa. They are expecting their second baby! They shared the news on Friday night- which I missed, but I talked to Teresa the other day. We are so excited for you guys. Baby Gormsen will be arriving in late April.

And last but not least, we hadn't gotten to meet Jacob Rojas yet because Mike was sick last week and we didn't want to bring germs around. Sunday afternoon we stopped by to say hello and meet the little man. He is beautiful- I'm sure he won't appreciate that term so I could say he's so handsome, but either way- he is a snuggler and absolutely adorable. Rocky and Jill are wearing their new parenthood well. He's lucky to have such great parents and they have been blessed with a gorgeous little boy. He was so aware of everything around him and so good natured.
With all the babies that have been arriving lately I kinda lost track and it dawned on me that Mike and I really are up to bat next. It won't be long!

A Trial Run

The past few days have been a little rough. I've had alot of pain and contractions- which is to be expected- but has kept me laying down quite a bit. Saturday night Mike and I almost headed to the hospital. I was having alot of pressure, close contractions and alot of burning and other pains that were new. We called the doctor and decided to wait it out a little bit longer and of course, things settled down.
Sunday was a pretty achy day as well and by Monday morning, the contractions were really close together again. I called my doctor and they asked me to go over to labor and delivery. I was surprisingly calm. I called Mike and let hime know what was going on and that I'd keep him posted.
They put me in a room, in a gown, in THE bed- and still I was fairly calm- I have to say the doctors and nurses were SO great and I think that was a big part of it. They monitored me for about 2 1/2 hours. I'm still only at 1.5cm which is why they didn't keep me but they said I am definately in labor- just not far enough in yet. The machine showed that I am having true contractions every 5-7 minutes. Her head is all the way down and it's just a matter of time. After a few hours, they sent me home with the directions to lay down and return with any slight change (obviously there hasn't been any yet or I wouldn't be writing this :) ) but we go to the doctor to get checked again this afternoon so we'll see.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm terrible with keeping up with the belly pics but we are running out of time so here is another one.

Here she is kids... Peyton Priscilla, all 37 weeks of her.

The other picture is of our first baby, Bailey Monster. Our new camera finally came and I even took a picture or two with it but I have yet to figure out which cord I need to download the pics onto the computer. Mike's gonna show me later today.

Our doctor's appointment went well. No news. No changes really, which is fine. We still have a few weeks to go and Miss Peyton is content where she is. I've been dreaming about her alot more- when I do sleep, and we are anxious to meet her.
On other baby news, our neighbor across the street may be induced this weekend. She isn't due until October 4th but the baby is already more than 9 pounds! They chose not to find out what they are having so we are all excited to find out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I know I know, I need to add more pictures.

I'll start with this picture from my Aunt Ann. She lives outside of Houston so I don't get to see her very often. Thankfully she made it through the hurricaine, but there is still quite a bit of damage down there.
Anyways, this is a rough picture of the quilt she is making Peyton. She does the most beautiful work and we can't wait to have it in Peyton's nursery.

I have a doctor's appt at 2 today so after that, I'll give an update and try to get a belly picture in there, too. I am excited to announce that we got a new camera!! It's not here yet, but our ancient clunker of a digital monster camera is on it's way out- FINALLY!


Congratulations to Rocky and Jill Rojas on the birth of their new baby boy.
Jacob Braeden Rojas was born on Tuesday, September 22, 2008 at 8:49pm, weighing 8lbs and 1oz.
We can't wait to meet him!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Best Massage EVER

While we were at the doctor last week, he offered me a free massage from the massage therapist at the office. I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd be this far a long, but he said it would be specialized for pregnancy.
So I went the other morning for my massage and it was the BEST massage ever- and very different.
The massage therapist had me lay on my side for it- and then half way through switch to the other side- so I wasn't on my stomach at all. She placed special pillows and wedges around me to support my back, stomach and head. It was so comfortable.
Though she told me the pain would come back- which I figured- because it's obviously caused by the pregnancy and I'm still pregnant, she helped me stretch and relieve alot of the tension in my back and sides. I think the best part of all was how she explained what was causing some of the pain (like pain up on the right side is because many organs are pressed up there now that the baby is so big) and she gave me suggestions and stretches to do at home to help make me more comfortable and even some tips for while I'm in labor to assist in the delivery. If you get the opportunity to do something like this towards the end of your pregnancy- I totally recommend it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Weekly Doctor Visit

So, besides other doctors appts, we are now going weekly to the doctor to monitor our progress towards delivery.
Last night we were told that there are some new developments.
I had figured there would be as I've been feeling some different pains and thing, but I wasn't sure what they would equate to.
As of yesterday, we are 1.5 cm dialated and 70% effaced. Dr. Cucco even explained that while he was examining me it was causing contractions.
He assured us that Peyton is doing well but also said that we will definately be early. He thinks it could be within the next week or so but it could be any time now- though in my mind, who knows, she could decide to wait it out- I'm not going to overthink any of it. She'll let me know when it's time.
Anyways, her head is down, her heartrate is good and now it's just the waiting game.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We were on our way to visit Nick, Amanda and Sophia on Friday evening when we got a call from Mike's co-worker Chuck.
Chuck and Ashley Smith were expecting their baby boy on October 7th (or 8th).
Anyways, Ashley had a few complications and was in the hospital this past week. As it turns out, Chuck was calling to let us know that they welcomed their little boy Cooper Stewart Smith into the world on Wednesday.
That means...
Tuesday- Owen Hong
Wednesday- Cooper Smith
Thursday- Sophia DiMaria.
I half expected to get a call from Rocky and Jill on Friday to go 4 for 4. When we were registering to visit Nick and Amanda at the front desk of the hospital, the woman even asked if we were there to visit or register for admittance -which made us both laugh.

Congratulations Chuck and Ashley on your new family member!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cutest Baby Book Idea Ever

My friend Corrine stopped by to see me yesterday. She brought her adorable little boy Noah and some gifts for Peyton.

One of the gifts is a book called Little One, Little One, What Do You See? The coolest thing about this book is it's PERSONALIZED for Peyton! She found it at a http://www.hefty.com/ which has a Create a Book section.
Each page of the book actually says Peyton's name in it.
"Peyton, Peyton, tell me what can fly? It's a Bluebird soaring high in the sky"
There's even a page that talks about her hometown, Palatine and who her friends are- in this case Noah and Luke (Corrine remembered Teresa's little boy Luke's name from our cookie exchange last year).
How cute is that idea. Too bad I didn't know about it before all of the baby showers we've had lately!


I have 2 congratulations to give today!!

Congratulations to Ed and Danielle Hong! Owen Hong was born on Tuesday. I don't have the details on Owen but I will share them as soon as I do!


Congratulations to Nick and Amanda DiMaria! Sophia Lynn DiMaria entered the world on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 3:43pm weighing 7lbs 2oz.
We can't wait to meet her!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's Doctor Appt

Today was the first of our weekly trips. Yes, we are in the countdown stage and go every Tuesday from this point forward.Things went well. Everything is measuring on target and Peyton's heartrate is good and strong.
I had the Strep test today and then another internal exam.
No dialation, however, we do have some changes.
My cervix is softening and thinning already which is a good indication that I'll go early. We'll see what happens and if there are any changes next week.
Not much else to report.
We're just waiting for news on
1. Eddie and Danielle Hong- who are being induced tonight
2. Nick and Amanda DiMaria- who go in tomorrow
3. Rocky and Jill Rojas- who should be having their little one any day now.

Whew, lots of babies!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hormones and heat

At this point, sleep is kindof a thing of the past for me. Not complaining though, I think it's just another way to get ready for long nights in the coming months.
It's just harder to get comfortable and there are several trips to the bathroom to contend with.
Peyton is definately running out of room. I don't have alot of space between my hips and my ribs and she knows it. The right side of my body has become a punching bag. I will say that I don't enjoy that aspect anymore. I've actually been looking for bruises. I think it's a good sign that she's getting so strong, but geez, this girl's got a future as a kick-boxer.
The newest thing of all though is the heat! The past few days I find myself suddenly getting extremely warm. This is a big change for a girl who could say she was chilly when it was 90 degrees out with high humidity.
I got up to use the bathroom last night and came back to bed to find a BOILING mattress. The spot I was laying in was seriously so hot that I had to fan it off and wait to climb back in. I almost went to take my temperature- though I didn't feel sick at all. It's just bizarre that your body reacts that way. I read up that it's just the hormones- which I figured. I wouldn't mind if the warm feeling stuck around for the winter. It would be nice to be warm for a change.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I know, I know, It's been a long time. Here's a belly pic of me- the others didn't turn out to well.

This is week 34

a bit deceiving, my hand is laying on my back- I'm much rounder than I appear in this picture. It actually looks like I ate a basketball in real life.

These other pictures are of the nursery. I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm back and it's 34 Weeks!!

Sorry, I disappeared for a few days over the long weekend. I just was away from the computer quite a bit.
I finally fixed the baby countdown so it doesn't say 142 days anymore!
I have pictures I'll upload later or tomorrow- belly pics and nursery pics.

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Lots of cookouts, a Stanczak family reunion in Milwaukee and some more baby necessity shopping. I feel like time is winding down to get things done so we are doing our best to get things organized before all hell breaks loose.