Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost 4 weeks old already!

I can't believe how fast time is going. Everyone always said it would go fast- IT FLIES!

Peyton changes a tiny bit every day.
She is a funny little thing. Her cry goes from nothing to 1000 mph in 2 seconds- she only has one level of cry- LOUD, but it's still cute- it sounds like she is saying LA
laaaa laa la. You can even watch her tongue and see the L sound.

She also has a poop face which I am trying to capture on camera. I'll post it as soon as I can get a good picture. She makes a perfect O with her little mouth and blows out air with her eyes really wide- this is almost always followed by a loud noise from the other end if you know what I mean.
(Some day she will kill me for writing this, but right now I think it's too funny and cute to care).

She also wakes up from her naps hungry and a little gassy so when I nurse her and she is laying sideways she'll stop eating, pause, make the O face and arch her back.

And another favorite is when she is sleepy- if you happen to be holding her at the time, she loves to have her legs scrunched up to her butt. You can see the position in one of the pics below- the one with Mike holding her up by his shoulder.
Then there is what we call the "milk drunk baby" face. When I take her to burp while nursing, she makes this face that looks like she has been on a bender. Her cheeks and nose are all pink and she is dazed. I am still trying to get a good pic of this, there is one included below but it doesn't do the face justice. The last pic is of Peyton with her Auntie Gretchen- getting some quality time in. She loves her aunt.
I may not get a chance to post before the weekend is through as Dave and Laura are getting married and we have alot to do- but I will hopefully have a ton of good pics by Monday.

Tomorrow Kiki, John and the kids are coming by. They get into town tonight. We love seeing them. Kiki is going to take pictures of Peyton. I can't wait. She is a wonderful photographer and we are looking forward to the pics.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goodbye Zoey

I just heard some very sad news.

Zoey St. Leger- the sweetest and cutest bulldog in the world died today.

Zoey, Nick and Mandy's little dog, was lovable and playful. Bailey and the other dogs spent many days together playing at the park or at outdoor parties.

Mike and I- and Bailey- are so sad and are thoughts are with Nick, Mandy and Addison during this time.

We love you Zoey.

Long Days

No pictures today- I'm a bit tired and the camera is upstairs.
I think all moms know that some days are better than others. Mike and I are zombies at the moment. Peyton has just hit a bump in the road- possibly a growth spurt or something- she definately didn't want to sleep yesterday during the day or much last night.
These days and nights happen every few days- what can you expect from a 3 week old, right?
Anyways, Peyton is doing really well over all- minus some fussiness and lack of sleep. She is actually napping right now- whew, so that's good.
Maybe tonight we'll get an hour of sleep or so :)
Dave and Laura's wedding is this weekend and family starts to come into town for it tomorrow. We're excited for the wedding but it will be the first full day and evening away from Peyton so I am a little nervous for that. It will definately be fun to get out and get dressed up, though.
We've had dinner a few times but nothing fancy so a wedding will be a nice change of pace.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Time

This weekend we spent most of our time with family- Aunt Ann was still in town from Texas and we helped out with some wedding things for Dave and Laura.

I feel like Peyton is changing everyday- she shows a little more personality each time I look at her. I love seeing her turn her head towards my voice or Mike's voice. She loves to make noises and each day there seems to be a new one- a coo or sputter of her lips. It just amazes me that we are capable of making another human being and once they actually get here, you can see them learn and grow before your very eyes. I am so proud of her and I have so much respect for all parents out there. The responsibility is so large but SO worth while. I feel like this is what I am here for and I pray every day that I can give her everything she needs and deserves.
Sorry for the mushy thoughts.

Here are a few more pics

Friday, October 24, 2008

3 weeks already!

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already.

In my paranoia I have been afraid that Peyton has been too sleepy and not eating enough so I called the doctor and they let me bring her in for a weight check yesterday. My fears were eased- she is now 7lb 2oz! I couldn't believe it. She is growing and putting on weight and doing great over all.
My Aunt Ann is in from Texas and she and my mom stayed over last night and had a girls sleepover with Peyton. They did all the feedings last night and let Mike and I slept- it was AWESOME!
Peyton also had her first smile 2 days ago- awake smile that is. The doc says that is normal- that it should occur sometime around the one month mark. It totally melted my heart.
In another week we can actually take her out and about- her doctors office recommends at least 4 weeks pass before she is out in public- and with cold season really getting in gear I am in no hurry.
Here are some pics- some with Great Aunt Ann and a few with Aunt Gretchen feeding Peyton while Mike and I went out to dinner, then some cute bath pics.
Speaking of pictures, my mom brought my baby pictures over and it really is scary how much she looks like Gretchen and I. I still think she has Mike's mouth, but her nose, face shape and hair look like our baby pics.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All the Beautiful Little Ones

I decided I needed to get all of the newest generation in one place. I am still missing Corrine's little on Noah and the Ferengul girls, Faith Beliles and Reece Cunningham- please send me a pic if you can Mommies

Look at all of these little cuties- in no particular order . Um, I never seem to line the pics and text up right, sorry- any tips would be great.

Addison St. Leger

Peyton Stanczak

Elliott Campbell

Aislynn Ross

Tyler Ross

Jacob Rojas

Vivian Chack

Sophia DiMaria

Raegan Park

Luke Gormsen


Congratulations to Kelly and Buzz. They are expecting their first child on May 26th.
Maybe the little one will be early and show up on our anniversary (the 15th) or Elliott Campbell's bday (the 17th I think).
I've added Kelly's blog to my list, too.
Love that everyone has blogs now. It's nice to keep up with everything when you don't get to see people all that often.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

we love our activity mat and tummy time

Peyton is slowly discovering objects around her. She loves to look at the toys that hang from her activity mat and she is really starting to like her tummy time. She wiggles her little but and pushes around- usually resulting in some noise from the back end if you know what I mean, but the little girl is workin her muscles.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I know I need to get better at updating...

Sorry, I have been lazy with the updates so HERE WE GO...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!!!!!!!! - The little man is 2 already, I can't believe it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAEGAN- We weren't able to attend her bday party but it looked like so much fun.


Here are some update pictures. Peyton is doing great- though she keeps us up alot at night. She is already above her birth weight and is now 20 1/4 inches long. She is already changing and growing.
Aunt Gretchen came by yesterday morning for a little while and visited- she is the best Aunt in the world- we ran to Target where she spoiled both Peyton and me- Peyton stayed home with Daddy.

Great Nana (Mike's grandma) and Great Aunt Mimi and Uncle Jay came by on Saturday and then Mom and Dad came by Saturday night. Sunday we had our first official outing to Dad and Donna's to celebrate his bday. Peyton wore her first dress for the get together.

Other than that, today was my first official day home alone with the little lady. We did pretty well together. I will do better at updating so please be patient with me.

Um, let's see what else. She has new noises already. She likes to make the motorboat sound and does it every chance she gets and she loves to squeak and wiggle her legs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Peyton is 11 days old

I can't believe we are in the double digits already. Time is flying- except of course in the wee hours of the morning, but even then it's worth it.

I was having a few issues with nursing so to be sure that I had enough milk and things were back on track, I went and saw the lactation consultant at the hospital today. Things are going much better now and while we were there, she weighed Peyton. She is now 6lb 9oz!! Last friday she was 6lb 2oz. My little girl is growing up already.
We've had many visitors and more to come. Mike's grandma- Great Nana to Peyton comes to town tomorrow so we will see her soon and my Aunt Ann comes next week- not to mention the local fam and friends who are stopping by.
Lindsey and Greg, Toni, Dave and Laura, Tyson and Erin and of course the grandparents.
Here are some pics
Um, I love the ones of Peyton posing as Buddah- this seems to be a favorite sleeping pose of hers.- and the one of her trying to suck on Mikes lip when he went to kiss her

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Congratulations to Sam and Joe

They found out they are expecting a little boy this spring! Welcome to the blogging world Sammie!

Peyton is 8 days old

I meant to update yesterday for the 1 week but the day got away from me. This whole motherhood thing isn't easy- but it is SO worth it. We are all adjusting and getting used to eachother. Mike and I just stare at Peyton for hours.

She seems to be growing already. Nursing is demanding and we are still figuring that out- with her needing more sometimes than others as she is growing, but over all things are going well.

We've had lots of visitors- all the grandparents, aunts and uncle, and several friends. Sam came by the other night, Toni the other afternoon and yesterday Mandy and Addison came by for a few hours. It's been great seeing people- I can't believe how big Addison is getting and how much her personality is coming out. She's 12 weeks and it's crazy to think that Peyton will change and grow so much in so short a time.

Here are some pics- Peyton's cord fell of yesterday already!! One is of Mandy and Addison's visit yesterday and then the crosseyed baby picture is an attempt to show the mohawk Mike gave Peyton after her bath the other day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Miss Peyton

I've been dying to add more pics to the blog but it's just takin me a few days to get organized enough- sorry for the delay. Peyton had jaundice so we've been back and forth for bloodwork the past few days- no lamp- but finally we were told the Billyribbon number was going back down.
She had her first pediatrician appt yesterday and was a little rockstar. She was born 6lb 6oz but was 5lb 14oz when we left the hospital (it's normal for them to lose up to 10% of their body weight in the first week) but yesterday she was back up to 6lb 2oz already. The doctor said she is very strong, has great reflexes and responds well to sound and sights. She christened the doctors office by both peeing and pooping. Mike and I laugh at our phone conversations- "how's she doing?... "she peed, she pooped"- these are the things we talk about now- so funny.
She does okay at night- obvously you don't get much sleep as a new parent but we are slowing working into a rhythm and identifying some of the reasons she cries- for example- the little thing can pee 3 times in 10 minutes so we think she's dry, she'll cry and we'll say it can't be the diaper... but it is.

Anyways, enough babbling. Here are some pics including one from her first bath- which she LOVED! and a few other favorite shots.
By the way, I LOVE the one of Rocky and Mike with Jacob and Peyton.
Jill and I were cracking up. I said if you asked someone from high school 10 years ago where these two would be, they might have said jail- never in a million years would they believe this picture :)
The flamingo baby sign is from Dad and Donna- so cute. Thank you!
and I love the ones of Mike and Peyton