Sunday, March 29, 2009

Peyton's Favorite Word of the Day

I was reading a little book called "Woof" to Peyton the other night and she loved it! Everytime I said the word "woof", which is in the book several times, she started cracking up!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Explorer

Let me set this up for you. I was putting Peyton in her pjs last night when I realized that the ones I grabbed were too small- this happens alot lately. So, I set her ON her activity mat and ran upstairs to grab a new set of pjs. I came down and this is what I found...

She's just like her Daddy. She wants to explore how everything works.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My little monkey

Peyton is still LOVING her jumper. She bounces harder every day. Her main goal right now is to grab, and apparently eat, the banana- hence the open mouth. What can I say? Her favorite baby food is banana. She must have been a little monkey in a past life.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Congratulations to my cousin Mandy and her husband. They welcomed their beautiful baby girl Elizabeth Grace to the world last week. I just got some pictures and I wish I had more details, but I'll get them as soon as I can. Mandy lives in England so I haven't seen her in quite a while. I hope we'll get to see them all soon. Elizabeth is beautiful! I love the light on her face in this picture!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tow Trucks

Sam and Joey came by today. He's getting so big! Look at all the hair on this little Italian boy!

Anyways, she parked out in front of our place, as people do all the time. Our neighbor's mom was parked out there as well. Lucky for all of us, Mike worked from home this afternoon. He was in his office and he suddenly yelled for Sam to throw him her keys. There was a tow truck outside. I knew he'd move her car, but I thought of my neighbor, Kim. She's 9 months pregnant and her mom was there helping her with 2 year old daughter. I ran across the drive to their place.
As I did this, the tow truck driver saw me coming and swooped around to Kim's mom's car. I don't really know what I said when they came to the door, I was talking so fast because, let me tell you, this guy wasted NO time. He had her car hooked up and was pulling away before they were out the door.
Thank God our complex has only one entrance and exit, so he thought he was going out a back way. NOPE! He had to turn around and come back. We all stood in the street waiting, and I swear he was gonna try to go up on the lawn to go past us! He decided to stop and Kim tried to explain why we thought we could park there. Our association put up a Fire Lane sign to keep commuters and others from parking there overnight. It wasn't really a fire lane. We paid for the signs ourselves.
The guy was being a jerk but Kim's big baby-belly and her daughter and niece- both toddlers, seemed to cool his jets a little. He said if we could produce the keys immediately- like now- not "hold on I'll go get them", that he'd drop the car. Kim's mom happened to have them in her pocket- whew.
Crisis averted for Kim and Sam!
Lesson: be careful where you park. These Repo/ Tow truck guys are faster than lightning, and I know they are doing their jobs, but they are assh*les!

Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patty's Pics

I stole these from Linds, but as I said I didn't have my camera.
Good times! I still have no voice!
Linds and I- before the blur...

Me, between our bouncer buddies...

At Cactus

Mike and I at Nellies...

Sarah & Ryan at Nellies...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Big Weekend

This weekend was a great one. Here's the rundown
1. Mike came home on Friday, Yay!
2. Peyton is sitting up! I have been working with her on it and of course, it happened when I was upstairs getting ready. But Mike got to see it, so that was good. She still flops over sometimes, but she's got it down pretty good. Here she is, our little BIG girl!

3. I spent rest of the day in the city with Lindsey, Mandy, Megan and Kenzie celebrating St. Patty's day. We used to do it every year, but I was out last year with the bun in the oven. We had a great time, too much beer, and hung out with some of Mandy's friends from Hannibal. We played Quarters for quite a while at Coogans and then headed to Cactus. I am now best friends with a HUGE bouncer from Cactus. He could have been a linebacker for the Bears. You'll see proof of this in some pictures when I get a hold of some- I didn't bring my camera. There are more stories, but most of them involve too much swearing.
4. Saturday night Lindse and Greg and their dog Gracie came out for the night. Gracie and Bailey hung out together while we went to Nellie's to continue the St. Pattie's day celebration and meet up with Sarah and Ryan.
5. Peyton stayed at Nana and Papa's and was a good girl, even with her teething. Poor thing. I picked her up this morning and Grandpa came by for lunch.
6. This is just from this afternoon. This little girl got sooo excited, she was screaming and squealing and giggling- and all I was doing was talking to her. Love it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Stress and the end of the Man Trip

So, the guys are coming home tomorrow- unfortunately for them, and fortunately for me. It seems that rain and cold weather have gotten the better of most of the group. Can't say I blame them, but at the same time, that is what part of camping is about. Anyways, I am counting down the minutes because I have been fighting a cold- and I feel like I'm winning, but now Peyton seems to be coming down with it- either that or she is getting teeth. She wouldn't let me put her down all day, and barely ate. She would gnaw on the bottle and just cry- so I am thinking it's a tooth, but at the same time, I worry that she might be getting my cold. Either way, I took her to the doctor, paranoid mom that I am. They didn't see anything in her ears or throat, and no real fever. Only time will tell. But I am POOPED! Having a cold and not sleeping good, coupled with a super-cranky little girl wears on you. I would have survived until Sunday, but Friday is a much happier thought.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Man Trip

Mike left early this morning for the second annual Man Trip.
This involves hiking, camping, eating freeze-dried food, purifying water, ghost stories, pissing contests, beating on their chests, rain-dances, eating insects for protein and and perfecting their animal calls.
He's been preparing for weeks, hiking around the living room with his big pack on.
This year's group includes Mike, Gormsen, Campbell, Buzz, St. Leger, DiMaria, Rocky, and Chack. Gino was supposed to go, but apparently when he picked up Mike and Brian at the airport today, he told them he wasn't going anymore because it was drizzling. He then drove them to his house, gave them the keys to his car and told them to have a good trip?! Sounds like this trip is off to an interesting start already. Last year, the weather was too cold, and the trail was too tough so after being manly for one day, they opted for a hotel room with pizza and beer for the remainder of the trip. We'll see how this year unfolds. I told Mike to run the other way if he hears any banjos.
So now it's just me and my girl. We plan to watch chick-flicks and paint our nails.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The past few days- odds and ends

After Peyton's doctor appt on Friday, we took a walk to enjoy the beautiful day. I was excited because it was our first walk using the jogging stroller. Peyton loved it and so did I.
We got the Jeep one. I was kinda cracking up that some of these jogging strollers cost almost $600 bucks! I tested a bunch of them and researched it, and decided the Jeep one made the most sense- and fit my needs. Now I can start running outside with the Peanut!

That night Nana and Papa and Aunt Gretchen came over to celebrate Papa's birthday. Happy Birthday Papa! We love you! Here's a pic of your little Peeps (that's his nickname for her).

Speaking of Birthdays... I missed Noah's bday. I'm so sorry little guy!
Happy Birthday! Noah turned 2 last week.

This last pic is hystercal. This is Peyton and little Joey Scimeca on their playdate at our house last week. Look at that head of hair, but more than that, look at the expression on this little girls face and the Vanna White-esque pose

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Latest Peyton Stats

Peyton had her 5 month check-up today. She's doing great.
Here's how things look for her right now
Height: 25 3/4 inches (75-80th percentile)
Weight: 14lb 2oz (50th percentile)
Head: 41.5 (50th percentile)

She's just growing so fast. It's amazing to me how much she's changed in these last months. I'm so excited for Spring and Summer so we can get her out and about to see the world. We took our first walk to the park today and she loved sitting on the swing with me. If she keeps growing this fast, I'll have to sit on her lap before long.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5 Months!

Peyton (aka Peanut, Chatterbox, Angel),

Yesterday you were offically 5 months old!
I can barely remember life before those 5 months. You are everything to your Daddy and I. We are just amazed how such a little thing as you can take up so much space. I can't seem to find enough places to put your picture and I even caught your Daddy stealing a frame from a little table painting to use for a picture of you at work- even though I told him I'd go get some more frames :).

You have such a personality now. You laugh with your whole body, and squeal with delight when you are happy. You fuss and cry with such different ranges that I'd swear you were a born actress. You have found a best friend in Bailey, and you look for him constantly, squeaking happily when he comes into sight.

And you even save some of those squeaks for Daddy and I. Your little hands reach out and grab for everything in site- my hair is your favorite, but you go for toys, Bailey, cell phones, blankets as well. But once something is in your grasp, it goes straight to your mouth.
We've loved watching you as you learned how to eat your baby cereal with a spoon, and then experience some veggies and fruits in the past few days. You love peas (which cracks me up because your Daddy can't stand them), and your favorite is banana. Now you recognize the spoon and bowl and open your mouth wide to show you are ready for a big bite. You look like a hungry little baby bird when you do this and it makes me laugh out loud!
You have also figured out how to use your jumper and you spend alot of time bouncing those little legs and reaching for the toys around you.
It even seems like you want to share the fun with us. Last night while Daddy was sitting on the couch, you were bouncing away and looking in his direction. He was watching tv, but I could tell you wanted his attention. As I watched, you started to squeak and wave your arms. When he looked down at you, you smiled so big and squealed so loud that we both burst out laughing. And then there are your sighs. You coo and squak and all other noises, but the newest thing is this huge SIGH that you let out at times. You'll be playing and pause for a break, and then SIGH with this focused look on your face, like it's just such hard work to be the baby.
You want so badly to sit up on your own, but you aren't quite there yet. You love to sit in your bumbo or have me hold your hands and pull you up to sit. You try to hold it on your own, and have lasted a second here or there before you topple over. Then you are ready to get right back at it again. I am so proud of how big and strong you are getting, but it also makes me sad. You are already so different from the little bundle that came to us 5 months ago. Your skinny little legs and arms have filled out, along with your little cheeks. Your hair at birth is pretty much long gone, and now your new hair is sprouting in all directions on your little head. You did manage to keep all of those unruly cowlicks, which I'm sure you will be just thrilled about when you are older- remember, you got those from your Daddy! And your growth is most evident in your clothes. I pull out clothes every day for you and realize you can no longer fit into them. I have a huge bin full of all of the little pieces that you have outgrown.
I wish I could freeze these days because they go by so fast.
Your Daddy and I love you so much, and I hope that you will always know that. We can't wait to see what this month brings for you. We are your biggest fans!
Love always and forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cute and not so cute

I've been waiting for Peyton to be big enough to wear this outfit. Kelly Refvik got it for us at my shower and it was too cute! It has this pink and green flowery-camouflage look.Kinda bitter sweet that she's big enough for it, but she looked so adorable! (by the way I have no idea why this text above is underlined. I couldn't get it off.

Now onto something a little less cute. My mom wanted to have some bibs made that sad things like I love Nana... Papa...Auntie, etc. She took them to this store in Libertyville to have them put letters on it. I kinda saw this coming as this was the store that used to put the iron on numbers on our sports teams shirts and school gym uniforms. The thought was there, and my mom was so excited, but as you can see, they didn't turn out so well. She was pretty sad about it, but they are actually so ugly, it's funny. I love the blue on orange- Bears feel of the one below. Very chic!