Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look, she really has a mom

I am in a picture! For once!

Here's a shot of Peyton and I at Streetfest this weekend.
Wow, so that's what I look like

By the way,
Sorry I keep commenting on people's blogs as Mike, I don't realize that sometimes his email is logged in, not mine. I think my comment about peeing to Jess Campbell will be especially interesting when it looks like it came from Mike.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Playdate at the Heyse House

Dominique, Reese and Devin were nice enough to have a bunch of us over for a playdate on Tuesday. It's so nice to get together with friends and see how much all the kids are growing.
I tried to get good pics of all the kids, but I am not so hot with the camera, so here's what I did get.
Here's sweet little Ella. Reese was singing to her and she was smiling and eating it up. Sorry, I cut your head of Kelly. Us moms don't end up in many pics.

Here's little Keaton. She is such a focused little thing. I just missed a big grin from her, too- me and my awesome timing with my camera. The pics I had of Ellie were really hazy and the lighting was terrible.

Here's little Reese. She is such a cutie. She loves talking with the Mommies and telling us stories. She has the prettiest head of hair, too! I didn't get Devin in a solo pic, either. He was napping when I had my camera out most of the time.

Here's little Adriana playing with her feet and grinning away. She had been holding them up by her head, but the camera distracted her and she lowered them. I just want to eat her in this picture. Luke was off and running most of the day so no solo pic of him either.

Mike is very excited that Peyton is showing interest in Golf as such an early age. Little does he know that she just kept swinging the club over her head and banging it on stuff.
And here is the munchkin gang all together on the couch in order of oldest to youngest. They were all so good and played nicely and let the mommies spend some time together.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 Weeks

I have lots of posts to catch up on, and I want to show the cute pics of our playdate at Dom's yesterday, but this is all I have energy for today. I'M TIRED!
Here is our 10 week pic. I get a little rounder everyday. I definitely couldn't fit into my skinny jeans today. By the way, this pic is me sucking in. There is a nice little round pooch if I let it go.
And yes, that is that stupid Japanese gameshow in the background. Mike is watching it as I speak while he complains that there is nothing on tv.
Things to note about the pregnancy to this point...
1. Still super tired- ready for this to be over
2. Still really sick and pukey on certain days
3. Pretty moody, but got the okay from the doc to go back on a small dose of Zoloft- yay me and my sanity!
4. I am getting a nice little bout of Sciatica. Yup, my doc confirmed it today. I have this sharp, rediculous pain "in my butt" that shoots up and down my left let and lower back. I thought surely it was too early for this, especially because I didn't have any issues with Peyton. Well, Dr. Cucco informed me today that because my pregnancy is less than a year after my first was born, my uterus is not all the way back to it's normal size. This means it is already starting to expand again, even though other parts of my body haven't started to yet. This means pressure on the nerves back there. My pelvis may also be tilting again, or tilted, whatever he said. This would add additional pressure.
Oh the joys.
On a happy note, I can't believe it's been 10 weeks already! It'll be the second trimester before I know it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peyton's Ouchie

I'm pretty sure that my Mother-of-the-Year nomination was definitely revoked today.
This morning Peyton and I were just hanging out. I normally wait to shower until she goes down for a nap, but once in a while I'll bring her upstairs and let her hang out in our room or in the bathroom with me while I do it. Today I just wanted to get it out of the way and she was definitely not ready for her nap yet.
We have all of the electrical outlets covered downstairs but I keep forgetting to do the upstairs ones. Since Peyton loves to wiggle her way towards one particular one in our room, I decided to bring her into the bathroom today to keep her safer, or so I though. Like I said, we'ved done this before. I set her on the big bathroom rug in the middle of the floor and hopped in the shower. I just wanted to rinse of, but as soon as I got in, she turned to reach for something and flopped over on her tummy. In doing so, she managed to smack her little mouth on the bathroom floor.
I jumped out immediately anticipating the "silent cry"- you know the calm before the storm. If you have kids you know this well. They twist their little face into a huge grimace and go into suspended animation for a good 5-10 seconds. This is followed by a WAIL that makes any parent cringe.
Anyways, I knew it was coming, so I'm hugging her talking to her, and then I look down.
There is blood EVERYWHERE! My heart literally stopped beating. My eyes teared up. What had I done? Oh My God! I'm a terrible parent. She's dying.
Of course, she's scared and her mouth hurts, and she definitely doesn't like the taste of blood.
I am PANICKING while trying not to panic so she doesn't get even more scared.
The blood is still coming, though.
Um, my daughter has never had more than a scratch before.
I called the doctor and whimpered my way through an explanation.
The nurse calmly tells me to apply pressure, saying that mouths bleed alot and she's sure it's fine.
A few minutes and half a cold popsicle later, Peyton is calm and happy, sporting nothing more than a little cut in the gums of her upper lip.
I, on the other hand, could use some Zanex or a martini or something- of course I can't have any of that. (Let me mention that I have been pretty miserable the past few weeks since I've gone of Zoloft-cold turkey). This will not continue. I'm gonna have to do something or Mike will probably drive me to Minnesota or Wyoming and drop me off.
The nurse chuckles kindly and says, "so this must be your first ouchie, huh"?
I mumble a yes, feeling silly and soothed at the same time.
She reassured me that Peyton will be just fine, and as though it should be some sort of consolation, reminds me that this definitely is only the beginning of my experience with "ouchies".
So funny to think that Peyton will never remember this in a million years, but I will never forget it.
Ugghh, the joys and PAINS of parenthood.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Teething Update

So now one top tooth and one bottom tooth are through. Officially we are at a tooth count of 4. I can see the bumps of another bottom one and now another top one.
Peyton took her sweet time, but now I think she is on pace to get the other 16 by her first bday. Okay, I know that's an exaggeration, but it feels like the truth.
Last night she woke up twice and once it became apparent that no amount of snuggling, attempts at feeding, strolls through the house, and God forbid we give her a binkie (it only reminds her that her little mouth hurts- mind you, this is all while she is on her Motrin), we came to the realization that we were just gonna have to let her cry it out.
After 40 minutes, she finally fell back to sleep, and then slept until 8:30 today. We had to wake her up so I don't know how long she actually would have gone.
These new teeth have created a new habit for her as well. We now refer to Peyton as MJ. That little tongue of hers is out CONSTANTLY! This was the best pic I could get at the moment, but she has quite a variety of faces she can make while using that tongue, including the open-mouthed, going in for a slam dunk from the free throw line, Michael Jordan special.
I keep tryin to tell her that she'll start to catch flies, but she's not listening. Oh well.

Uncle Gitty

My Uncle Gritty (his name is David, but everybody calls him Gritty or Grit) was out last to visit this last weekend. He lives in Pennsylvania, but he comes out once a year with a friend to spend the weekend in the city and at Cubs games.
Saturday afternoon he came out to see us and meet Peyton. We all had a nice dinner together and Peyton loved trying to figure out what his mustache was. He brought a really cute teddy bear for Peyton that she absolutely LOVES. We've named it Gitty Bear.
Unfortunately this is the only pic that seemed to turn out. The other ones I took were blurry or the eyes were closed.
Peyton had a great time meeting her Great Uncle

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scooting and Teeth... oh and cupcakes

The same day that I posted that scooting video and the Bailey hug video, I noticed Peyton gnawing like crazy on her hand. I know she's been getting a tooth, but I checked, and boy was I wrong!
The girl is getting 3 teeth! She is pissed about it, too. She has been up the past 2 nights, poor thing- and poor us. The worst part is the "in-pain-cry" that she wakes with. It breaks my heart.

On a lighter note, we decided it was time to practice for the first bday. My parents came by for dinner the other night and we gave the little munchkin her own cupcake. We literally set her in her high-chair, in front of the tv, and watched her go to town (tarp underneath, of course)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

8 Weeks

We'll call it 8 even though it's a bit late. I swear things happen faster this time around. It may not look like it, but my pants are definitely feeling a bit snug already. I think my hips and pelvis are movin. Besides that, um, I DIDN'T miss being sick- I am over this part again already. It seems to be a little less often than with Peyton, but I definitely spend my share of time giving back what I've eaten. Oh, well. What are you gonna do. Maybe it will end with the first trimester this time.
Also, I wouldn't call them cravings, but with Peyton, early on all I wanted was grilled cheese.
Well, keep that crap as far away from me as possible. This time, when I feel sick, ALL I want are bagels and anything with ground beef in it. That's right, a burger, a burrito, I don't care what it is, bring it on. For some reason, it soothes my tummy.

Peyton TV

I have a few really cute new videos of Peyton so I have to share.
Here is the little squirt SCOOTING across the floor. That's right, she doesn't crawl, she scoots on her butt, and believe it or not, she gets around quite well.

This one is Peyton with her best buddy in the whole world, Bailey. My heart melts at the end when I ask her if she is gonna hug him, and she does!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Big Girl

(Thanks to Mandy and Addison, I was so excited to try piggies on Peyton. Though her hair needs to get a little bit longer, it worked!)
Anywhooo... Miss Peyton had her 10 month check up today.
She is 19lb 2oz (35%) and is 29 1/2 inches tall!! (which is now 9o%)
Geez! She really is gonna be bigger than me soon.
She is developing great and the doc was very happy with how she is doing. She did not, however, like getting her finger pricked AT ALL! Poor thing, she screamed bloody murder. You would have thought they were taking her hand off. The best part was that it was a totally delayed reaction. The nurse clicked the little gun, Peyton jumped from the noise and then about 5 seconds later the waterworks and opera performance began.
She took a nice nap this afternoon to overcome the trauma and is doing much better now.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The tale of our second baby

As you know, we were just on vacation in Mexico with my family. While we were there, I started feeling really tired and on the second day I had morning sickness. By the 3rd day, I felt sick at other times, too. I should say, I assumed it was morning sickness. It didn't seem like something I ate. I kept telling Mike that I thought I might be pregnant. We have really only been trying for a little while now. Knowing the steps we had to take to get our sweet Peyton, we didn't want to wait too long to start. We wanted to know sooner than later if we would need to consider fertility treatments again.

So, it was a really great surprise to come home and see that I was right. We got home late Saturday afternoon and I went straight to the drugstore to buy some tests. I didn't even tell Mike I was going to take one yet, but came straight home and did it. It popped up positive immediately. I came out of the bathroom grinning ear-to-ear and asked Peyton if she would like to be a big sister. Mike is as thrilled as I am. I took another test to confirm and then called the doctor first thing Monday morning. Since my cycle is irregular, we weren't sure how far along I was so they had me come in on Thursday. Wednesday came around and I was really tired and sick to my stomach (some of it being the wonderful after-effects of Mexico) so I called to ask if I could take anything like Pepto or do anything to re-hydrate. They asked me to come in that afternoon instead.

So now, we know that we are due March 23rd. We were able to see our little one and see and hear it's heartbeat. Peyton loved looking at the big flatscreen and clapped for her new sibling.

And, the countdown begins...

A special sidenote...

Peyton was born in October. My mom and Mike's dad were born in October.

Our new little one is due in March. Mike's Mom and My dad were born in March.

I thought that was pretty special!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peyton's Announcement

Peyton would like everyone to know that she is going to be a big sister!
She is very excited and can't wait to meet her new brother or sister next March.

(Sorry I've been slacking on my blog since we've been back from Mexico, but know you know why).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

10 Months

My little Peyton,

You aren't so little anymore. Today you are 10 months old! What a month it's been. You still don't want to crawl, but you love to scoot in circles and wiggle on your behind, and you'll take standing over sitting any day of the week.
I do think that you would be running already if you could figure it out.

This month you celebrated your first 4th of July with some of your buddies,

and then you took your first trip out of the country- already! I think I was 15 when I did that, but not you, little miss traveller.

You went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and you LOVED it. And let me tell you, Mexico loved you, too.

You were such a ham. Everyone adored you. You smiled and waved and said hi to everyone. You couldn't get enough of the pool. The best part was the birds in the restaurant. Yup, the birds that swooped around to steal food off the ground. You would scream and squeal and even say hi to them.

Mexico also marked your first time saying "Mama" and "Nana".

With our trip, we can add alot of other firsts. You now LOVE Pina Colada (virgin of course). This is thanks to Nana, who would have that straw in your mouth every chance she got. You love fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and tortilla chips- that you suck on until they get soft.

You also discovered how to be cheesy and give what we call the "cheezy smile".

I love it, though. If you keep it up, you'll soon figure out that you'll get your way quite easily.

You even got your own diamond earrings this month.

What can I say, your grandparents are all over the moon for you, I know you are going to be spoiled.

You have been such a joy to watch Peyton. Knowing now that you have been on this Earth longer than you were in my tummy is bitter-sweet for me. Your Daddy and I are so proud of you. You give special meaning to each moment of our day. Whether you are being patient (or not) or happy (or not), we love you with everything in us. I love kissing you goodnight each night and I can't wait to see you every morning. You are my world.

Thank you for being our little girl. We would do anything for you.

Love Always,


Back from Mexico

I'll post pics soon. We just got back yesterday from Mexico. The trip was WONDERFUL. I think Peyton is frustrated because she wants to know where the pool is now.
Our flight to Mexico was delayed for 3 1/2 hours!!!!!! I was exhausted and frustrated, but as we made our way through customs, I looked at Peyton and she said "Ma ma".
Um, this girl has been saying Dada for MONTHS, along with Baba, hi, hey and now Yayeeey (which we think is Bailey) but no Mama.
So, needless to say, all memories of the long day of travel were instantly forgotten. YAY! She does know who I am!