Sunday, November 29, 2009

24 Weeks

I know I have totally been slacking on the belly pictures. I just think the novelty wore off for me after the first pregnancy.

I seem to have a harder time wanting to document my swelling body this time around.
That being said, I will try to do it a little more often now that we are really into the middle/end of this pregnancy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big shoes to fill

Last night as Peyton was getting ready for bed, she decided she wanted to play with Daddy's shoes. She was tired and getting fussy, as you can see. She is actually crying in this picture because she can't get the shoe on the right way. I was trying so hard not to crack up.

And here she is happy and smiley now that Daddy helped her put the shoes on and stand up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a .....


We had our ultrasound today. I've been excited all week for it. The tech knew we wanted to know.
She was taking measurements and moving around and she started laughing.
"Do you know what that is?", she asked.
It was pretty obvious.
Right in between the legs was an obvious little thing.

Mike would like to tell everyone that it looks like a 3rd leg. Either way, we are looking forward to meeting our son in March.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Peyton took her first steps last night. I'll get video as soon as I can. She took 2 steps from me to Mike and then 3 steps from Mike back to me. Since then she gets all giggly when we try to get her to do it.
My little girl is growing up! Now she'll really be into everything she can get her hands on.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Playground

Peyton loves the playground. We don't go as often as I'd like, but we headed there the other day. Peyton loves the slide, and so does Bailey. He went down right before I made this video, but I couldn't get him to go again. Maybe next time.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Peyton's 1 year pictures

Kiki and John were in town this weekend for our cousin's wedding and she brought me the photos she took of Peyton for her 1 year.
I LOVE THEM! Thank you Kiki.
*side note: I know some people want to know if we are finding out what we are having. We find out a week from Thursday. It was supposed to be this week but they moved it back a week. I'll be 22 weeks pregnant when I find out- ugggghh that's a long time to wait!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Belly Pic 20 Weeks

I know I haven't done many belly shots, but it really hasn't looked like much. Since I passed the half way point a few days ago, I thought I should put one up.
Mike and I are both feeling the baby move. He/She is an active little thing.
Hard to believe I'm past the half way point already! This is the only belly-skin shot you're gonna get though. It's all shirt down from here on out.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

13 Months

Dear Peyton,

Today you are 13 months old. I'll admit, this one almost snuck right past me. It just seems like each month goes faster and faster. I looked back to a year ago, when I wrote you the 1 month letter. Hard to believe you were once so tiny! It doesn't seem possible that so much time has gone by, and so many changes, but it has.

You are officially becoming a little toddler, my love. You are so anxious to be walking that you will pull yourself up to anything or anyone in hopes of moving around. You love to walk behind your push and sit ice cream truck or your push and sit Dora toy. You seem to have even mastered making the turns, which cracks your Daddy and I up.

You now are drinking milk from your sippy cup like a big girl, though sometimes you don't seem to care for the taste. And you are loving big girl food, too. Chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, cereal bars, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese... At first, it was such a battle to get you to eat it. I was sure you were going to starve yourself, but you came around. Now, in the morning, your Daddy or I watch you wolf down 2 scrambled eggs with cheese, and then half a banana!

You continue to get more teeth in that pretty little mouth. We are still at 8, but you are working on your first molar! It's given you some restless nights, but you are still a trooper.

You loved celebrating Halloween and made an adorable Tinkerbell! Your grandparents and neighbors got a kick out of seeing you carry your little pumpkin candy holder around. You love that pumpkin. I can't put it away yet because it is a favorite toy of the moment.

I don't have pictures ready to post for this month right now, as I said, it caught me off guard. I will say that you just get more beautiful everyday. It scares me a little bit how sometimes when I look at you, I see a little girl and not my baby, but you will always be my baby.

I love you more and more everyday.
Thank you for every moment.
Love always,


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Peyton really enjoyed her first true Halloween. Last year we had a rehearsal dinner for Dave and Laura's wedding, so this was her first year trick-or-treating and being dressed up.

Nana, Papa and Aunt Gigi came over for lunch and later Mike, Peyton and I went to the Gormsen's for a Halloween party.

Peyton was exhausted after all of the excitment, but she definitely loved it.
Here's Tinkerbell with her Nana
In the wagon, ready to trick-or-treat
Showing off her first trick-or-treat pumpkin
Some of the munchkins at the Gormsen's party.
Luke-Spiderman, Peyton-Tinkerbell, Addison-a Penguin,
Elliott-a Chicken, Adriana-Tinkerbell, Jacob-a Chicken,
Keaton- a Bumble Bee