Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a whirlwind Christmas this year, but it was wonderful!
Christmas Eve we headed to Mike's cousin Tom and his wife Stacey's house. Santa made a stop at the party to deliver gifts and we all spent time watching Peyton, Landon and their triplet cousins, Ethan, Cole and Liam play together.

Now, keep up here...
Peyton woke us up on Christmas morning and we opened Santa's gifts and our presents to eachother. She did understand Santa Claus and seemed pretty excited about her gifts.
At 830 we headed to Dave and Laura's for breakfast with Dad, Donna and the twins. The kids all had a great time playing together and opening their gifts. Donna, Laura and I had on our matching PJs (my mom and Gretch have them as well), and the kids had coordinating pjs as well. I got this idea from the DiMaria's years ago and I do it every year for my family now!

Next we headed back to our house and Nana, Papa and Aunt Gigi came over to spend the afternoon.
We opened gifts and watched the kids play with everything. We ate and were lazy for a bit. It was wonderful.

Of course you spend money on nice gifts and the kids love the bags and boxes more than the toys!

I put this pic of my Dad opening gifts at their house on Christmas morning because the only pics I have of him at our house are either blurry, or of him snoozing on my couch. I figured you'd rather I didn't post those pics, Daddy :)
Late in the afternoon, we got dressed (Finally I'm in a pic that I think looks okay!), and headed to Mike's Uncle Bill and Aunt Jan's. We visited with all of his cousins and Aunts and Uncles on his Dad's side and spent some more time with Dad and Donna before they headed to Marco the next day.

Peyton and Landon were ABSOLUTELY spoiled, and so were we. I hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Landon is 9 Months Old

Dear Landon,

You are 9 months old today! We've had some fun new experiences this past month.

We celebrated you first Thanksgiving. You loved munching on some of the sweet potatoes and even the turkey. I don't have pictures of that day because your sis broke my camera, but I'll get some from your grandparents soon.

You got one of your top teeth last week and your working on another one as we speak. I feel bad because you've had a rough time with them and your little mouth has been sore, but your smile is so cute!

You are talking now, too!
Your first word was Dada. A few days later came Mama. We have even heard Nana and Papa. We're working on Boompa so maybe we can say that for your Grandpa for Christmas.

You are pulling yourself up on things now, too. You don't get to your feet, but you pull all the way up to your knees and you are so proud when you do. You scream and squeal each time. It's so fun to watch.

You spent time playing with some new friends this month, too. You had met Simon before. He and Aunt Valerie came for a playdate with Aunt Lindsey and Ethan but it had been a while.
This time Aunt Stephanie, Denny and his new little brother Jackson came, too.
The 3 of you rolled around and screeched on the floor for quite a while.

We are getting ready for your first Christmas next week and I can't wait. You absolutely love the Christmas tree. You stare at the lights endlessly and you love to crawl under it and grab onto some of the presents that are under there already.
You have unwrapped a few of them, but it was too cute while you were doing it for me to be upset by it.

Looking back over the past few months, I'm in awe of how quickly you are changing.
You are so good natured and so quick to smile and giggle. You LOVE to eat and you enjoy feeding yourself lots of snacks. You move like lighting with your little army crawl and grip onto anything you can.
Watching how much more you and Peyton are interacting now is amazing. Daddy and I love to watch you giggle at eachother and even play together sometimes. You follow her around and crawl over her. She grabs you and hugs you. You pull toys back and forth. I know you will fight like siblings do, but I'm so happy to know that you will grow up always having a playmate.
I can't wait to see what the next month brings. Thank you for every moment I've had with you!
I love you so much.
Love, Always and Forever,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just because he's so cute

How cute is my little boy?!

He's been saying Dada for several days now, but of course I can't catch him on video. Here's a cute video anyways...


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peyton IS 26 MONTHS

Dear Peyton,

My little girl... where to begin? I don't even have pictures for this month, it has been such a blur!
We've been on the go non-stop! We visited Santa and got your picture taken. You were very excited on our way there, but once it was our turn, you were less than thrilled. Somehow the picture was timed just so that your grimace looked a little like a smile.
We also celebrated Thanksgiving with your grandparents and aunts and uncle. You got to meet your adorable twin cousins that night as well.
You are still a picky eater so your Thanksgiving feast consisted of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with marshmallows.
You surprised me last week when you asked for chicken nuggets- and ate 8 of them! I was speechless.
We are now getting ready for the holidays and it is so fun to see you excited about it all. We have adopted our Elf on the Shelf and you've named him Murray (I assume because he is dressed in red like Murray the red Wiggle). Your Daddy and I love hearing you talk about Santa Claus and all of the Play Doh that you want (yes, all you have asked for is play doh).
Every morning you come running down the stairs to see where Murray is hiding for the
We've put up our tree and the lights outside. I felt like a little girl all over again when you saw the tree lit up for the first time. It's so magical to see everything you are experiencing and how you react to it.
You try to explain how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Sometimes the frustration registers on your face. You speak so well, but there are some things you haven't quite figured out yet, or you can't grab the words right when you need them.
I love everything you say, though. You amaze me with some of the sentences you put together- or when you use sarcasm in the right way. You bowed to me the other day, smiled a wicked little smile, laughed and said "thank you oh so very much, thank you"
You sing tons of songs- these days they are mostly Christmas songs, and I love the personal flair you put on each of them.
I would, however, like to erase the word "No" from your vocabulary. You are definitely a 2 year old. The temper tantrums haven't gone away, but I think you are starting to get the idea that they don't get you what you want. We still have a ways to go, though.
I'll end this month by sharing the day we had today. We got our first snow!
Landon was at Nana and Papa's house last night for a sleepover so this morning your Daddy and I took you SLEDDING.
You squealed and giggled and ran up the hill again and again. You threw snowballs and ate snow and enjoyed every second of it- and so did we.
I may not have pictures, but Daddy did get a little video of you taking on the hill.


I love you my little Snow Bunny!

Love Always and Forever,


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Jess Campbell came by a few weeks ago to shoot some family photos for us.
Peyton is now 2 and Landon has passed the 6 month mark, so we really wanted some new pics.
There are SO many cute pics, here are just a few.
Thanks Jess!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Rojas Family

Rocky, Jill and Jacob welcomed their newest family member yesterday, 11/22/2010.

Emerson Marie Rojas
Born 10:11am
19 inches

We can't wait to meet her! Congratulations!


Sarah and Ryan got engaged last weekend!!
Congratulations you two! We are so excited for you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Landon is 8 Months Old

Dear Landon,

My little boy, you are 8 months old tomorrow!
This past month we celebrated your first Halloween. You were the cutest caterpillar I've ever seen! You'll probably hate me for that costume when you are 15, but oh well. Sue me, I'm your mom and I get to call the shots for at least the next 18 years.

You've been sleeping alot better, but we still aren't where I'd like to be. You just seem to be so hungry, no matter how much you eat each day, or with a rice-cereal bottle at night. That's okay though, because you are just the sweetest boy!
Everywhere we go- the store, the doctor, the daycare at the gym...- everyone comments on how happy you are and how easy going you are! It makes me so proud, but that's not what matters. I just love you so much and enjoy every moment I've had with you so far!
You are also starting to get more mobile. You army crawl at a pretty good pace and you love to stand and hold on to anything and everything and look at the world around you. You bob your chubby little legs and squeal with delight. It makes Daddy and I laugh every time!

You eat your baby foods and veggies in your chair and have even started to eat baby puffs. I am starting to get an idea of what you will be like as a teenage boy- a bottomless pit!

It's been another whirlwind of a month and you have been changing and growing so much.
With the holidays right around the corner, Daddy and I are looking forward to seeing them through your eyes.
Thank You for another wonderful month!
I love you more every day!
Love, always and forever,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Landon joins the Army (Mobile Division)

Look at this happy boy!

I hope you can see these videos.

Landon is Army crawling now- how fitting that I just happened to have him in his camo pants today.

And, I didn't even plan this, but he has started to figure out how to maneuver his way around in his walker- which is, get this, A JEEP!

I feel very clever for some reason...



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Peyton is 25 months old

Dear Peyton,

You are fully into your 3rd year of life now- 25 months!
It's been a great month (minus some world class temper tantrums).
We celebrated your birthday on the 3rd and then again on the 9th with an official party... a Wiggles Party!

Everyone dressed like the Wiggles and you loved it!

You are such an independant and creative thinker now. On our walk the other day you told me "look Mommy, the train is big, biiiggggg. It's bigger. It's huge!"
I couldn't believe you could figure out how those words relate and describe something.

After a few consecutive 3am wake-ups that ended in a slumber party in our bed, and a few days of constact tantrums, we started a reward system, and you are rockin' it! You know that you get a sticker when you stay in your bed all night, or when you do something good, and after you get a sticker in every box on your "special page", you get a big treat. Each night at bedtime you now tell us that you get a sticker in the morning for being a good girl!

Your timeouts have gotten tougher and we don't bend an inch on them. 2 minutes in your timeout spot no ifs, ands or buts. You spend your 2 minutes crying and yelling "I wanna be a nice girl (giwl)".

And you truly show your independant thinking lately. Tonight while drawing, you told daddy that green was mommy's favorite color, and blue was daddy's. Daddy then asked you what your favorite color was and you said "oh, it's purple" and handed him the purple crayon.

You are still very much the tortured artist. You draw something and get frustrated that it doesn't look quite right.
You've also taken up photography. Thank God we don't have really expensive cameras. You take pictures of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE! You even know how to set the camera to record and you've figured out how to zoom.

One of my favorite moments of the month was having Kiki in town and getting a few beautiful shots of you and Landon. She's always so willing to take time to photograph you guys.
This weekend Jess Campbell is going to come and take more pictures of you. I can't wait! I love seeing pictures of you, and I'm not gonna lie, I love seeing you sit still.

One of the other high points of the month- for all of us- was Halloween.
You had so much fun celebrating with your friends and then actually trick-or-treating on the big day.

Once you figured out that you got candy at each house, all signs of shyness were gone.
You'd run up to the door, knock, and shout "Trick or Treat" (tick or tweet)
and say thank you.

The night ended with you in a zombie-like state from a sugar-induced coma, but it was a great day!

The holidays are just around the corner and I am so excited for you to experience them this year with your growing level of awareness of everything around you.

You are just amazing!
I love you so much!
Love, always and forever,

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween weekend.
Saturday night we headed to the Gormsen's for some Halloween fun. There are some cute pics of all the kids below (minus Ella, who was sick). We all need a hobby. We've got too many kids!
On Halloween, Nana, Papa and Aunt Gigi came over to trick-or-treat with us.
Peyton LOVED getting the candy- and eating it.
2 cute notes for the weekend.
Landon is kindof talking. I swear he's saying Papa, but it's not for certain yet.
The other cute thing is this... On the way home from the Gormsen's I asked Peyton if she had fun and she said yes. Then I asked her who her best friend is and she said Daddy.