Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank You Nana

My mom came and stayed with us for almost a week to help out with Peyton and Landon.

We just wanted to say Thank You to Nana for helping out with the late night feedings and help with Landon, and for helping with Peyton's baths, meals, play, walks...

It was nice to have the company and wonderful to have the help and extra hands. Landon is doing great but Peyton is a little perplexed by the situation. Her days as an only child are over. Having her Nana here to play with while Mommy got her life with two kids organized was very special.

We Love You NANA!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Landon is 1 week old

Landon is one week old already! How crazy is that?
It's been a whirlwind of a week, but a good one.
Let's see...
We left the hospital on Saturday morning and Landon enjoyed his first car ride.

He loves his brother, Bailey, and Peyton is loving having a brother so far (we'll see how long this lasts). She actually got upset when we took him out of her arms. Today she insisted on covering him up with her baby blankie while he napped. Too cute!

Landon is a great sleeper so far- he eats around 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm and then goes until about 1230 and then til about 430. It's a nice change from Peyton who was every 2.5- 3 hours all day and all night.
He also seems to have little trouble with gas- which is another bonus.
We had his first doctor's check up. He was 6lb 2 oz at birth, 5lb 12oz when he left the hospital, and back up to 5lb 15.75oz at the doctor.
He loves to go to the bathroom- and has peed on everyone in the family at least once so I feel like we are officially the parents of a little boy.
We'll see how the next weeks and months go, but I can say I love having 2 kids. I'm sure I won't always Like it, but at least I know I Love it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life with 2 kids

First I want to share some of the newborn pics of Landon from the hospital. With Peyton, the hospital had a really cheezy service that took a terrible pic. We were lucky that Mike's cousin Kiki was in town a few weeks later for Dave and Laura's wedding. She took some gorgeous ones for us.

This time around, the hospital had a new photography studio working for them. I love these pics but I am also going to see if Jess Campbell will take some for us. Kiki lives in Cleveland so we won't get to see her for a while, and Jess is really good.

We are working on adjusting to life as a family of 4. I don't want to jinx it so I'll just say we are making good progress.
Peyton is still giving Landon lots of hugs- though we have to keep her from squeezing him too hard. Landon has a huge appetite so his little chicken legs will probably fill out pretty quickly.
Thank you to everyone who has visited us. Peyton and Landon have been so spoiled.Here are just a few pics of Landon and then I had to share these pics of Jacob and Peyton playing together. Rocky, Jill and Jacob stopped by yesterday and the 2 little ones were hysterical!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Landon Christopher is here

Landon Christopher Stanczak was born yesterday, March 18, 2009 at 3:16pm
19inches long and 6pounds 2oz.

I ended up being induced yesterday morning. After 2 trips to the hospital with contractions at 4-5 minutes apart but no additional changes to my cervix, my doctors and I decided induction would be best for both of us.
Mike and I had spent all night at Monday at the hospital. I had been having real contractions for days and starting Monday afternoon, they were close and painful- unfortunately I wasn't dilating any further, so we went home and I saw my doctor on Tuesday to make the decision.

We came to the hospital early on Thursday morning and they started the Petocin at about 8:15. After the first hour, the contractions went from 4 minutes to 3 so they checked me and I was finally moving past 3cm to 4.
At about 11:30 when contractions were taking my breath away I had an epidural and suddenly my cervix kicked into gear. By 1:00 I was at 6 and and by 230 I was almost at 10.
I pushed for 25 minutes and our little guy was here.
He is perfect and healthy in every way, but we had a very scary moment at first. As Landon's head came out, they noticed the chord was wrapped around his neck. He wasn't breathing or moving. Everyone acted quickly, but for a minute everything went into slow motion and Mike and I watched as they started calling on walkie talkies for help and people flooded the room. They were bagging him to make him breath and massaging his chest. I can honestly say that it was the single most terrifying moment of my life.
I didn't even realize I was holding my breath until he started to cry. Mike squatted down into the nearest chair and we both took a minute to compose ourselves.
Thank God for the doctors and nurses who acted so quickly and got him breathing and moving.
He has been doing great ever since- eating well and making little squeaking noises.

Peyton came to visit yesterday afternoon and she is already the perfect Big Sis. She wouldn't stop giggling when she looked at him and she gave him a ton of hugs and kisses and would say "nice" and pet his tummy.

Welcome to the world Landon.
We love you very much!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Peyton had a rough day

Peyton got her first black eye on Monday. That's right folks, a black eye!!!
We can thank Bailey, the wild Golden Retriever, for this one.
He gets excited sometimes and runs laps around the family room. It's actually pretty funny to watch. The only problem this time was that Peyton was around the backside of the couch heading towards her toy chest.
Bailey ran right into her and knocked her into the corner of the toy chest.
Let me just say that I am so thankful for 2 things
1. The toy chest's edges are rounded
2. Her face hit where it did, another half inch up and it would have been right in her eye.
I don't know who was more upset, me or Peyton. She screamed bloody murder. I immediately called her doctor and the nurses talked me down (I was debating between taking Bailey's legs off one by one, letting him run and play in traffic, or throwing him in the oven). They then told me how to keep an eye on her vital signs and eye dialation. Once she settled down, things were much better. She napped and ate fine and when she woke from her nap her eye was NOT swollen shut- which was a big sign the nurses told me to look for.
Poor little girl looks like she got into a bar brawl. Thankfully we haven't really had to go anywhere this week- since I am about to pop with this baby- so noone had the chance to see my daughter and give me that sideways look that says "it looks like you beat your child".
Don't worry, Bailey still lives here. He is her best friend and I decided he didn't do it on purpose so he is just on probation for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 Months

Dear Peyton,

Another month has gone by!  You are 17 Months old already, almost a year and a half.


This month has been an exciting one for you.  Your vocabulary has really started to grow.  You constantly ask for water (wawer), juice (duice), cookies (coe goes), yogurt (gogur) and tons of other foods.  You are also getting clearer with the words you’ve already been saying.  You actually say “bath” and  “nite nite”.IMG_2518IMG_2495

Your imagination is probably the biggest thing to show up this month.  Just the other night, you were playing with your kitchen.  You brought Daddy a little plastic cooked turkey and Daddy told you to put it in the oven.  You went right over, put it in, then waiting, opened the door, took it out and took a fake bite.  You turned around and looked at us and said “numm numm”.

You play dress up with my jewelry and bring hair bows to me to put in once you have a necklace on.  You also love to play chase with Bailey.  It doesn’t matter who is chasing who.  This is one of your favorite games.


You had your first sleep over at Grandpa’s house.  Grandma is still in Florida, but you kept Grandpa company last Saturday.  You guys played all day, had lots of treats and then you slept like a champ for him.

We had brunch the next morning for Aunt Laura’s birthday and I was so proud of how you behaved. Even though it was close to your nap time, you were all smiles.  You at a bunch of different kinds of food and waved to everyone who passed you.

We’ve also had some rough times this month.  Both you and I had a nasty cold and it took a long time for us to get over it.  This was the sickest you have been, but you battled through like a champ.  You would even bring me tissue and try to wipe your own nose – saying “nose” as you did it.

I’ve felt kind of bad that we haven’t done more exciting things this month.  Your brother should be here pretty soon and with our colds, we ended up spending alot of time at home.  You handled it well, though. 

Your personality continues to amaze me.  You are so smart and funny, and you definitely know how to manipulate.  You have fake crying down to a science and have been known to use it to try to get cookies, a bath, picked up, juice, and anything else you decide you need to have.  Whether you actually get the desired item depends on the situation.  You see, you are good, but Mommy and Daddy still call the shots.  We have no problem watching the tantrums and tears that come when you don’t get your way.  You’ll catch on soon. 

Don’t worry, you have a lifetime ahead of you to try and get what you want.  We just want you to learn to accept it and move one when something doesn’t go your way.  One day you’ll have a boy wrap around your finger and maybe he’ll always give you your way, but until then, there are rules.

My smart and beautiful little girl, you are growing up and changing so fast.  I hope you are enjoying each day as much as your Daddy and I are.  We love you with all of our hearts.IMG_2492

I love you, always and forever.



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

37 Weeks

I had a doctors appt today and things are starting to happen.  I am now 1.5cm dilated and 60% effaced.  This could mean I could go in to labor any time, or I could stay like this for another week or two.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s a 37 week belly shot.  I know I’ve been terrible about pictures this time around, but here’s one last one- maybe I’ll do another one next week or so, but at this point, I’m a boat and it won’t look too much different.  By the way, I think it looks like I’m trying to arch my back, I’m really not.  I think my butt just sticks out naturally like that and my belly is bigger than a beach ball now.