Monday, May 31, 2010

Landon Slept All Night!

Landon has been sleeping from about 10pm until 4 pretty consistantly for a few weeks. He's even snuck in a few 5ams, but on Saturday night he rocked knocked it out. He went down at 945pm and slept until 615am! That is 8.5 hours! What a rockstar!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Landon is 10 weeks Old

That's right- double digits!

Landon is 10 weeks today! He's changing so fast. Look at this big guy!
He holds his head up so well, he actually can hang out in his Bumbo chair some.
The smiles are constant, now, too- and sometimes there is a squeak with them that I can tell is going to turn into a laugh any day now.
The biggest thing is that he has found his hands. He was studying them today for the first time.
He definitely doesn't know what they are yet, but he is getting closer to that every day.
He's such a joy and I just want to eat him up!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peyton's Potty Adventures and some random cute pics

Peyton has now gone potty 3 times on the big girl potty!

The second time was an adventure.
We aren't pushing potty training, just trying to introduce her to the idea of it when she mentions that she is going to poop, or is pooping.
Well, she said "poop" yesterday morning. So I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty. We went in there and she proceeded to play for about 5 minutes. I figured she was just playing so I went to turn the water off in the kitchen. Before I could even come back she was coming around the corner- covered in poop!
She looked at me and put her hands up and said "uh oh".
I wanted to laugh, and cry, because I found a mess on the floor of the bathroom as well. She did manage to get it in the potty, too, though.
Today was a much cleaner experience. She was kindof grunting when we finished dinner. Mike asked her if she wanted to go poop and she said yes.
We took her in and she played for a minute. We thought she might not have to go, but when she stood up she said "mess". We checked and she had peed!!
Yay Big Girl!!
Here's the big girl in our little pool with Aiden.
Here is Peyton and her new friend Denny. Valerie and Stephanie came to visit and brought Stephanie's beautiful little boy, Denny. He's 18 months and a little charmer!
And here is the sidewalk art Diva working on her latest masterpiece.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Congratulations to Lindsey and Greg Kelley on the birth of their little boy, Ethan William Kelley. Born on May 17th! He was 8lb, 5oz. Sorry I didn't post this sooner.


Congratulations to Paul and Kellie Park on the birth of their little girl, Morgan Louise Park. Born May 25th. She was 6lb, 14oz!

I can't wait to meet these little ones! I'll be down to visit you soon Lindsey and hopefully I will get to see you and your girls this Summer, Kellie.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poopin on the Potty

Peyton pooped on the potty today!!!
This is kinda a fluke, but I caught her starting to grunt and asked her if she was going poop. She said yes, so I asked if she wanted to do it on the potty and... SHE DID!!
Mike and I jumped around like monkeys and sang to her. Then she got a cookie to celebrate.
This is just the beginning of a long road for us, but hey, I'll take every little step!
By the way, I totally wanted to take a picture of it, but Mike wouldn't let me, so here is a picture of our little Potty Diva at dinner tonight, instead.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Landon's 2 month check up

Landon had his 2 month check up today.
He is growing like a weed!!
He now weighs 11lbs, 3oz and is 22.5 inches long!
He's measuring at 50% percent for both height and weight.
Poor little guy had to get 2 shots today. Not a fun way to spend the afternoon, and though he was a little fussy after, he came through like a champ.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Landon is 2 Months Old

Dear Landon,

You are two months old already. I made a promise to myself that I would post this letter on time to you since I've been late on some of the weekly ones.
It's not that I really forget, it's just that I am so intent on giving you and your sister all of the attention that I possibly can, that things like the blog entries and checking email and even taking pictures often enough, slip past me.

Even as I am writing this, I'm sitting watching you on your activity mat and I find myself drifting towards playing with you more than writing this.

You are so much fun to watch. Your little arms and legs are in full go mode. You kick and punch out and dance on your back. You LOVE your activity mat now which is a testament to how aware you have become. The little birdie that moves back and forth to music has your complete attention. You talk and coo to it, and smile like it's saying something funny to you.

I'm so caught up in trying to soak every second of you and your sister in. The biggest thing I've learned from watching the two of you, is how fast time goes.
I just know you'll be walking and talking before I blink.
I love you so much! I just know that there will never be a girl that is good enough for you. I get the hold Mother-Son relationship now.
I feel like I know every wrinkle on your fingers and every eyelash on your eyes. I've watched your dark hair start to get longer and have noticed how the colors in your eyes have changed. I'm certain you'll have either brown or green eyes now. Your arms and legs are getting so long, but they are getting good and chunky at the same time. You already barely resemble the tiny new born I held in my arms only two months ago.

We've come along way. You sleep for a good 6 hour stretch every night and you eat 5oz at a time. We'll find out how big you are on Thursday at your doctor's check up. I'm afraid to find out, because it's just going to confirm that you are not my newborn anymore.
I love you with all of my heart. You and your sister are the most amazing things in the world to me. I am so thankful that you are my little boy.

Always and Forever,


Nayned Baby

Peyton loves to run around in her diaper. She thinks it means she's naked, which she refers to as "nayned". It's hard to get any clothes on this girl some days. That's fine if it keeps her happy- especially when she's been under the weather, like today.

Please ignore my annoying voice and the fact that I took this on my phone so it's a little blurry.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Landon is 8 Weeks Old

Landon turned 8 weeks old yesterday. He's such a good boy. We had our first week without Daddy. Mike had a business trip in North Carolina so it was Mommy and the kids.
Both Landon and Peyton were wonderful. Landon is now sleeping until 4 am and then going back down unti 7 or 7:30 am.
He smiles so easily and coos constantly. He also holds his head up and looks around on his own now and when he sleeps, he manages to scoot himself around his crib to the point where I swear he might get up and crawl.
He definitely recognizes voices and will move his head and eyes around in the direction that he hears my voice, or Mike's or Peyton's. I love that he knows who we are. I had forgotten how fast they grow and learn, even though Peyton was here only about a year and a half ago.
Papa came and helped out one night, and Grandma came and had lunch one day.
It was so nice to have company and extra hands and the kids loved it.
Landon had lots of smiles to share with them as well.
I will add more pictures after the weekend, but I just had a few minutes and wanted to be sure I got this week's post on.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Landon is 7 Weeks Old

Another week has passed- as of yesterday, actually.
Landon is growing and changing everyday. He had a bit of a rough week with his tummy. He has trouble digesting sometimes, it seems. I hate saying he's gassy because I feel like he'll read this when he's 15 and say "eeeww Mom, you're gross. How embarrassing!". But the truth is, he's gassy. We've switched formulas a few times, and I am still nursing as well, so I've modified my diet different ways, but it doesn't seem to help.
He's just so sweet, I hate seeming him struggle. Thankfully, he is still a great sleeper at night, so I really can't complain. Hopefully his system will mature a bit soon, and he'll be more comfortable.
I haven't done much with my camera this week, but here is a cute video I took on my IPhone.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Peyton is 19 months

Dear Peyton,

My beautiful girl, another month has gone by.  This one just zoomed by.  I can actually say that I didn’t even realize it was another full month until today- when technically it was yesterday!m

We’ve started to spend alot of time outside now that the weather is getting nicer, and you love it!  You love playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and running around with your buddy, Aiden.

You’ve are a world class big sister, too.  Giving hugs and kisses to Landon is a constant activity. Yesterday I caught you cooing over him and waving a rattle. The day before that I found you trying to nurse him- which was hysterical!  I can tell you’ll be a great mommy one day.


You are quite the talker now.  You’re spouting off new words constantly.  You are learning your colors and asked me for the blue book the other day.  You also are calling people by name more and more.  Of course you say Mama and Dada, Nana and Papa, but now Gigi, Bumpa, Laura (wauwa), Aiden (aidee), Bailey (Baiyee), and Landon (wanwon) are just a few.ikn

Your brain is just so sharp.  You not only pick up on things that Daddy and I do, but I’ll watch you come up with things on your own.  You make towers with your blocks and hide a necklace inside a block to find later or hide Bailey’s toys in your kitchen and lead him over to look for them.  It’s just amazing to watch you.

iPhone 2081

I wish I could document each amazing thing you do, but there are  so many that I just don’t have time.  I’ll just say that you are incredible!  I love you so much!  You and Landon have my heart and soul.


Love Always and Forever,