Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peyton and Landon do the Zoo

Peyton, Landon, Nana and I went to Brookfield Zoo today with my friend Kate, her son, Aiden and her mom, Jane. It was alot of work with two kids, but a blast!
We saw the dolphin show, which the kids loved, the elephants, tigers, leopards, sea lions and the ape house.
Peyton was exhausted by the time we got to the monkeys, but they were her favorite. She talked about them all morning, but since she woke up at 5am, she was about out of energy by then.
Landon didn't really have a clue, but he was such a good boy! He took naps and smiled and coo'd the whole day.

Here we are outside the monkey house with Peyton's new friend.

Here's Peyton and her boyfriend Aiden sharing a quiet moment.

Landon with Nana at the Dolphin show.

Here we are outside of the sea lion tank

...and inside the sealion tank

Peyton, Nana and the tiger

It was a great day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Landon is 3 Months Old

My Landon,
You will be 3 months old tomorrow! Can you believe it? I can't.
You seem to grow and change right before my eyes.

We were at the doctor today for your check up. You're now 12lb 14oz and 24 1/4 inches long!
Where did my 6lb boy go?
Your Daddy and I are mesmerized by everything you do. Even now as I write this you are wiggling and smiling on the ottoman. We could be watching tv, but we aren't. Instead we are watching you.
You are such a good baby. I know people say that about their kids, but you REALLY are!
You rarely cry- except when hungry or tired. You smile at EVERYONE. You absolutely love to talk.
I could just sit there all day and have cooing conversations with you. You really do seem to want to tell me things.
This month has brought some great things for you.
You laughed. It's such a boyish laugh, too. It sounds like a tough-guy chuckle and I can't get enough of it.

You have also rolled over from your tummy to your back. You learn things so fast. I rolled you over once, put you back on your tummy and you did it yourself. It wasn't a fluke, either. You did it 3 more times in a row and haven't stopped since.
You also sleep like a champ. You have slept from 945 to 6am a few times.
Did I mention the fact that you are such a doll? You'll hate that I say it, but your smile and cute little nose just make me melt. You have your daddy's features and you are just so handsome!

I feel so lucky to have you and Peyton in my life.

Thank You for being my son. I love saying that word, SON.
You are my heart.
Love Always and Forever,


Congratulations to Nick, Mandy and Addison St. Leger on the birth of Avery Vivian.
What a beautiful name!!
Avery was born on June 12th at 9:38pm.
Avery was 8lb 12oz and 20 inches long.
We can't wait to meet her!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharing Pizza

Peyton loves to eat pizza with her Daddy. They have a nice system of sharing.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Landon is 12 weeks old

Yup, this is my last "weekly" post for Landon. From here on out, my official updates will be monthly only, just like Peyton.
I have a great update for my last week, though.
Landon Laughed! That's right!

It's only happened once so far, but he laughed for me the other day. I was about to take the kids for a walk and was putting him in his carrier. My hair brushed over his face and he smiled really big... and giggled!
My heart just melted!
It always amazes me how I truly do love him and his sister more every day!
Here are my 2 guys. Landon like's to help Daddy with his work.

I just love the way Landon looks at his Daddy

Monday, June 7, 2010

CONGRATULATIONS Valerie and Russell

Valerie and Russell Knight welcomed their beautiful little boy to the world.
Simon Benjamin Knight was born on June 1st.
He was 6lb 1oz and 18.5inches.
Simon surprised his parents by deciding to show up 4 weeks early. He's perfect in every way, though!
Mommy and Baby are home now and doing great.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Landon is 11 weeks old

Landon is 11 weeks old today!

Geez, I can't even keep up with these 2 kids!
Excuse the graininess of these pics. My IPhone is always closer than the camera.
He is just changing so fast. We feed him at 945, and he will sleep until as late as 615am- such a rockstar!
He is such a chatty little guy. He coos and smiles all day! Don't get me wrong, he has his fussy moments, but I am so proud to take him places because he is such an easy going baby.
He is on the verge of a giggle. I can almost hear it when he gives one of his gigantic smiles.

He also has found his hands this week. He will clasp his hands and stare at his fingers for long lenths of time and he will grab on to his activity mat, or my hair, or a shirt and hold on for dear life.

It is so fun to see what new changes pop up each day. I feel like everything is going in fast-forward.
We love you little man!

Peyton is 20 Months

Dear Peyton,
You are 20 months old today! What a big girl! Everyday you get further and further away from that tiny little baby I held in my arms. I see it in the new words you say, the new facial expressions you make, the length of your hair and the strength of your movements.
You are a determined little girl with a sharp mind and creative spirit.


I filmed you trying to feed and burp your baby. You had been doing it all morning by yourself, I had never asked you to try it until I put you on film.

You draw pictures with chalk and name them, and blow bubbles all by yourself.

We've spent every moment we can outside this month- playing in the water, playing with Aiden and Kate, walking. You would sleep outside if I would let you.

You insist on feeding yourself everything and even try to dress yourself.

This month was another big month for you. You pooped and peed on the potty for the first time by yourself!

You also went to Nana and Papa's for the weekend.

You were a perfect angel for them! You slept good, ate good, and had a blast when they took you to Rainforest Cafe. Now you don't stop talking about monkeys and elephants. It's too cute!

Thank you for being so patient and kind to your brother, Landon, and thank you for being so funny and entertaining and loving to your Daddy and I.

I look forward to every single day with you!


Always and forever,