Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Updates

I just can't get myself enough time to update this more often.
Just some fun things from the past week...
Landon found his feet! Yay!!!

They are now his favorite toys.
He also started eating cereal and I have to say, for as much as he likes his bottles, this kid HATES cereal so far. I think the baby foods will be a bigger hit when the time comes, though.
Peyton figured out how to put on her own shoes. She spends alot of time each day taking them off and putting them back on and I have to say, I'm impressed with how often she gets them on the correct feet!
And we also headed to Arlington Park on Sunday to see the ponies run. Peyton LOVED them! She and Landon had some quality time together.
I can't seem to get this pic turned the right way, but they were so cute lying on the blanket in Landon's little tent together.

Here's a cute video of Peyton and her Daddy watching the races.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Landon is 4 Months Old

Dear Landon,

Didn't I just write your 3 month letter yesterday? I feel like I did!
You are changing so quickly!

It's been a great month. You were Baptized this month and you wore the same Baptismal gown that Peyton did- the one Boompa and Grandma brought you from Rome. I have a baby ring and baby cross for you from Nana and Papa, too.
We celebrated your first 4th of July, not that you had any clue about it. You were a trooper though, as we bounced from party to party, swimming, driving, later nights. You did so great!

We officially moved you into size 2 diapers. It's a silly milestone, I know, but considering the fact that your sis is only in a 3, I think it shows just how much you have grown!
You are now 13lb 14oz! I can't recall the exact height, but you are 75% for height and 5th for weight.

We've hit a few snags with your sleep habits this month. You have decided to go to bed at 830, wake up at 3 and then at 5. I'm pretty sure it's just a growth spurt, but I won't miss the double feedings in the night.
This month you started to make new noises. I swear you are trying to talk! You have such an expressive little face. I can just watch you forever as you make different coos and squeaks. I practically stand on my head to make you laugh because I can't get enough of that, either.
I want to apologize now for not documenting as many days and moments of your life as I did with Peyton.
It's not that I don't remember them, believe me, I am paying attention, it's just that I want to be sure that I spend as much time with you and Peyton as I can. So if that means blogging less, then I am willing to make that sacrifice.
You are still my snuggly little guy and I JUST LOVE watching you experience every moment of every day. You become more and more aware of the world around you. You turn your head at new noises and flashes of light. You are becoming a pro at using your little hands. You reach and grab things easily- and you can hang on tight!

You are such a little rock star! I am so proud that you are my son!

Thank You, Babydoll!
I love you more every day!
Love always,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Landon's Baptism

Landon was Baptized this past Sunday.
We celebrated with tons of family and had a really nice time.

We found out that Mike's brother, Christopher, had been baptized on the same day. Mike's Aunt and Uncle's wedding anniversary is the day before, so they remembered the date exactly.
We thought that was pretty special.
Here are some pics from the day.

Thank you to Kiki and John for being Landon's GodParents!
Thank you Nana, Papa, Grandma and Boompa for helping the party and all you do!
We love you all!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Fun

We have been outside constantly lately. Today we spent some time in the sprinkler with our buddies Kate and Aiden. Landon sat on the sidelines and watched, but you can tell he had a great time. I just love his smile!

Up til now, Peyton has liked the pool but been a bit iffy on the whole sprinkler thing. She seemed to get over it today and enjoyed being splashed. Nothing is cuter that wet munchkins giggling!

This last thing is a video from Nana and Papa's house on Monday. We had a cookout and watched Peyton playing in the pool. Sammy, one of their 2 dogs, decided that a dip in the pool sounded good, so he just walked in and sat down.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Peyton is 21 Months Old

Dear Peyton,

Today is July 5th. You are now 21 months and 2 days old. We celebrated the 4th of July this weekend which is why I didn't post on the 3rd. We have had a busy weekend. You went to a parade- which you were so excited about. You danced and waved to all of the floats.
We caught candy and had popsicles. You were in heaven! later that day we went swimming with Aiden, Kate and Brooks. You haven't been swimming since last Summer so it was almost like a first time all over again. You loved it, too. After a couple of mouthfuls of pool water, you figured out how to float with your floaties. We'll have you in swimming lessons soon and you'll be a fish before you know it.
Yesterday, on the 4th, we had a big bbq with all of your friends. You played in the kids pool, ran around with all of the kids, and ate a ton of junk food.
It dawned on me yesterday how independant you have become. You still want to be held at times, but you are so determined to figure things out on your own. You have such a sharp little mind. You see something new and you don't hesitated to head straight for it and scope it out.
I only wish you would be so bold with food.- you are quite a picky eater, my dear! I swear you should be wasting away because you are so active, and are far to busy to eat. I do my best to shove a snack in your hands while you play, because you don't want to sit down to a meal. You love your breakfast food- eggs, oatmeal, waffles, fruit, yogurt, milk, toast... anything goes, but after that, it's all down hill.
I know it's just a phase, but I wanted to write it down so I can point it out to you one day to remind you of what a little diva you can be.
You are also quite the comedian. When you see something makes your daddy or I laugh, you are quick to repeat it. You are also experimenting with funny faces and silly dances to see how we'll react. I love it!
I spent a few days in Florida this month and you and Landon hung out with Daddy. You were such a good girl! I missed you and your brother like CRAZY! At one point I called to check in and you got on the phone and said "hi Mama" and "I love You, Mama" so clearly, I got tears in my eyes.
You played hard this month. Lots of parties to go to...
and a trip to the zoo...
The only thing I would change about this last month is your sleeping habits. You've decided lately that 530 or 6am is a good time to get up. I'd like to see that go back to 7 in you don't mind- just a suggestion.
You are such a joy, Peyton. You are a wonderful little girl, with a big heart. You love your friends, your brother and the rest of your family and it shows.
I love you with all of my heart!