Monday, September 27, 2010

Timmy the Tooth

In case you don't know, that's a weak attempt at humor (you know the Gangster, Timmy the Tooth)?
Anywhoo, now that I have your attention...
Landon has his first tooth!!!
Yay Bubbas!!
It's his bottom left one. He'll be eating steak before we know it- and he wants to, I can tell!
He now weighs 17lb, 1oz and is 26.5 inches long. Just under 50th for weight and just over for height.
(By the way, as I write this, Hester just had a KILLER punt return for a touchdown!!)
Okay, Landon will hopefully appreciate that I'm a true football fan.
I know I rarely update right now, but Mike is traveling A LOT so I am on duty from 6am, til 10:30pm when I give Landon a rice-cereal bottle. He'll still probably wake up at 4 for another one-this kid loves food- and then 6 again. When they nap- if Peyton naps (yes, she skips sometimes now), then I work. Not complaining, just explaining my lack of blogs.
I miss everyone and their beautiful kids! You wouldn't want us around right now anyways. We all have a cough and now I have a true cold.
If you feel like cheering me up while I'm sick, I would love Halloween costumes suggestions for my little munchkins, and I'd love to hear what any other little ones are going as!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our playdate with the Knights and Kelleys

We had a playdate on Tuesday with Valerie and her little boy, Simon and Lindsey and her little boy, Ethan.
Lindsey and Ethan were in town from Dallas.
It was fun to have a playdate with my girlfriends from growing up- and strange since it was really the first time we were together with our kids.
We were missing Corrine and Noah and Shauna and Leah. Hopefully they can be there next time around!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peyton and the Wiggles

Papa just emailed me some pictures from the past few months and there were some great ones of the Wiggles concert that Peyton went to with Daddy, Papa and Nana.
She LOVED it! She danced and sang and came home with a great TShirt, spinning light, coloring book and an even bigger obsession with the Wiggles. I hear them in my sleep!

Landon Christopher is 6 months old today!

Dear Landon,

6 Months ago, today, you came into this world!

It has been so amazing to watch you grow and change!
I can't believe that you are already eating baby foods and working on sitting up on your own! It doesn't seem possible.

You've had a great Summer and now we are heading into the Fall.
I am constantly amazed at how smiley you are. You barrel roll your way across the room and back, smiling and giggling the whole way. People always comment on how sweet you are. You rarely fuss, except when hungry or tired.

You did have some fussy days this month, which I'll chalk up to more growing because LET ME TELL YOU, you are big boy! You and your sister (who will be 2 in 2 weeks) wear the SAME SIZE DIAPER!
You are such a cutie. Chubby little legs and cheeks.
I will be ready for you to sleep 10-12 hours, but other than that, I have absolutely no complaints about you. I really just can't get enough of you if you must know. I just want to hug and squeeze you all day.

I feel like you are about to turn a corner and become a little boy. I'm so excited for you, but I don't want it to happen yet! You make so many noises now that I know your first word is on it's way and I feel like the changes will just snowball from there.
We'll go for your check-up on Thursday so I can't wait to see how big you are, but I'll give you a low down on this month.
* You now know how to eat baby food well.
*Peaches and bananas are your favorite so far
*You like sweet potatoes, but not peas- at least not yet
*You now ride in the stroller without your infant carrier- and LOVE looking around!
*You can literally get all the way across the room by rolling.
*You love your exersaucer and standing up to lean on anything
*Giggling is a major part of your day and so is babbling and screeching
*Your eyes still look green to me, but your hair is lightening to a dark-blond color

I love you with all of my heart! Sometimes I think it hurts how much I love you and your sister.
You are just amazing!

Happy 6 months my little man.
Always and Forever,

Friday, September 3, 2010

Peyton is 23 Months Old!

Dear Peyton,

I almost can’t believe I am writing this.  Writing this means I am 1 month away from your second birthday!

You have had another fun, fast-moving month.  I can no longer say you are learning new words.  I feel like they are just multiplying daily.

You say things to me like “Mama, go outside, draw chalk, take Landon and walk” or “Mama, need pen and paper, draw Dada and animals” or “Mama, come see me.  Sit down and read books with me”.

Of course, you don’t say it exactly right, but it is understandable, and music to my ears.  You spent 2 nights this month with Nana and Papa while Daddy was out of town and I was sleep training Landon.  Not only did you have a blast, but you came home in a tutu that Nana had bought you and told me you were a ballerina (bawawrina) and then twirled for me!

I nearly cried!

You also may have had the highlight of your year this month.  Daddy, Nana and Papa took you to the Wiggles concert!  Boompa got tickets for you, but couldn’t attend.  Nana and Papa bought you shirts and lights and cutouts and you danced and sang through the whole show.  We now know that your second bday will be celebrated Wiggles style.

Your temper tantrums are incredible!  You are so fiesty and DO NOT WANT TO HEAR NO!  I tend to give in when we are out- so we don’t create a scene, but Daddy and I are used to hearing you scream “noooo” “nooooo waaaayyy” and throw yourself on the ground.  You don’t like it, but we let you fuss and moan it out.  You have to learn that this isn’t how the world works when you want something.

You can be SO sweet and gentle, too.  You climb on my lap sometimes and give me kisses on each cheek and on my forehead and then a big hug- out of no-where.  You don’t know it now, but it brings tears to my eyes.  Watching you laugh and try to make Landon laugh, or hug him does the same to me.  This week we were on a walk and Landon was in the stroller.  You found a big leaf on the ground and brought it over to Landon to show him.  “Yook Lanyon”  “Niiiccce, howwd it de weeaf.  Good boy”, you said.

You easily count to 10 and are trying to learn your ABCs.  You ask me to “draw Dada, or any other family member, and now you say “Mama, draw A.  Draw B. Draw C. You get up to F and then skip to “Dubbyvee, x, whyyy, z”  with a few random letters in the middle.

God, I am so proud of you and love you sooo much!  I know I don’t have many pictures lately, and I will try to make up with a collage, soon.  It’s just been hard. 

Here are my favorites of the month, though.

Peyton, the Diva

 iPhone 2245

Peyton and Gramma at the Zoo

 iPhone 2235

Peyton and Papa at the Wiggles concert- IPhone pic, not so clear, but SO CUTE- nice hat Papa!iPhone 2265

Peyton at the Wiggles concert ready to party!  I was in Dallas and Daddy said you woke up at 530 because you were excited.  He went into your room and you said “Dada, Wiggles?”!iPhone 2262

You are so beautiful and smart!  I love you, Baby.

Happy 23 months,

Love Always and Forever,


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peyton and the Wiggles

While I was in Dallas this past weekend, Mike, Nana and Papa took Peyton to see the Wiggles at the Rosemont Theatre.
Peyton is OBSESSED with the Wiggles. She loves to dance and sing to all of their songs.
As soon as I have pics from everyone, I will upload them, but she loved it!!
She sang and danced and squealed. She now carries around her Wiggles flashlight and has insisted on watching them even more often.
Since I don't have any pics of the show yet, I'll just add this pic I took of her on a walk with me the other day. I bought her this cute doggie in a purse and she carries it everywhere. Doesn't she look like a little Celebutante?

Trip to Dallas

I got to visit Lindsey, Greg and Ethan in Dallas this past weekend. We had a great visit and Ethan is ABSOLUTELY adorable!
I've really missed Lindsey, but it was great to see where they live. They have a beautiful house in a really cute, friendly neighborhood.
Here is the new family.