Monday, March 28, 2011

Peyton's First Day of School

Peyton started Montessori school today! She will be going 2 days a week from 9-12.
I was a little nervous and I know that sounds silly because it's not full-time, real-deal school, but this is my little girl and she is taking a baby-step out into the world.
She did such a great job! Mike and I both took her. She was hesitant to leave us, but Mrs. Henderson asked her to come and look at something and Peyton took her hand and walked away.
I got a little teary eyed!
I picked her up just before noon and she was worn out. She teared up a little when she saw me, but the Director and Mrs. Henderson said how great she did.
I even got a drawing from her!
I'm SO proud of you, Peyton!!


Jessica said...

Good for her! What a big girl. And, btw...the art is the best part!!