Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pardon my absence

Days just go faster and faster and faster....
I'll just give an overview of the wonderful craziness of the last month, and then share pictures.
I wish I had the time to update as regularly as I used to, but it just amazes me how quickly the days go. With my 2 beautiful munchkins and their constant growth and change, and work, doing some marketing consulting on the side, Peyton's school, training for another marathon, and then the day-to-day of life, it seems like it's always 10pm.
So, where to start...
Landon is officially, truly walking. He had his first steps a while ago, but has taken his time in making walking his primary means of transportation- which was FINE with me. I've been dreading the days of 2 little ones running in opposite directions. I will say that it's nice that he doesn't need to be carried as much! He's getting heavy!
Peyton is mostly potty trained. We have had some relapses, but she is very proud of going on the potty.
I hope to catch more videos soon. Specifically of Peyton and Landon talking. Peyton loves to sing songs, tell stories (and make them up), and Landon is babbling and saying several new words.
Peyton loves to tell everyone what to do. We all know that she comes by this honestly. Who are we kidding? Mike and I are beyond bossy!
Landon is now saying Dada, Mama, Nana, Papa, boomp, gam, dog, chooch train, this, that, up, more, peyt (peyton), go, baaf (bath), and some others...
My days are full of constant noise!!!
A car ride now consists of the following...
Landon screaming and giggling.
Peyton asking me if we are there yet. how about now? are we there now? mommy are we there? now? are we there?............. again and again and again....
Landon babbling and throwing a toy at me or Peyton...
There isn't a dull moment around here.
I'll try to do better about keeping up, I promise!

Peyton, Landon and Aiden playing at Aiden's house

Peyton choosing a hat as a fashion statement

Our rooftop sand &water table (a gift from some of Landon's aunts and uncles for his first bday)

Peyton gardening at Nana & Papa's. She LOVES being outside and LOVES plants!

Landon enjoying the fresh air one morning